What is the .io domain?

The .io domain extension is mainly used as an abbreviation for Input/Output, which makes it very popular for tech startups in general. The .io tld also represents the country code for the British Indian Ocean Territory.

Top reasons to register a .io domain extension.

Finding a domain name that fits your business is easier than ever with a .io TLD. Below are just a few of the reasons why so many people choose to buy a .io domain:

Establish a connection. For startups and tech-related companies, using a .io extension works as a branding move and serves to create a connection with target audiences, who will pick up on the nod to IO in computer science.

Create fun domain hacks. The popularity of .io websites doesn't stop with tech-related companies. You can use a .io extension to tap into your creativity and come up with memorable domain hacks, like cheer.IO, card.IO, portfol.IO, and more.

Get more options and availability. Over 50% of currently registered domains are .com, so you’re less likely to find a .com name that you want or that fits your vision. In comparison, .io domains still offer plenty of potential for you to find the perfect name for your next website.

To sum it up - a .io TLD helps you keep things short, sweet and memorable.