The new school domain.

Education is moving to the web. From online courses to mentoring and tutoring sites, more and more students are turning to the web to study and learn. Now, there’s a smart domain extension for any sort of e-learning website. With a .study domain, education websites have an ideal platform to teach students the world over.

Organizations of all types — from public schools to corporations — are opting to train and teach via the web. Today, the online education sector has branched out to a huge variety of websites:

  • Online colleges and universities
  • Traditional schools offering online courses
  • Skill-learning sites
  • Mentoring and tutoring sites
  • Educational communities
  • Massive open online courses (MOOCs)
  • Social learning networks
  • Online textbook rentals

With technology developing rapidly, there’s really no limit to the web’s potential for learning and training. No matter what sort of e-learning courses or services your site delivers, a .study web address is a great place for students to find you online.

School isn’t the only place to learn.

Thanks to the development of e-learning technology, more and more people are declining traditional schooling paths to find knowledge, training and inspiration outside of the classroom.

Want to learn web coding? Go online. Advanced auto mechanics? Ditto. Beginner’s Spanish? Quantum physics? Ancient Greek philosophy? You’ll find courses and training for every subject on the web.

Niche educational sites and smart, curated platforms make it easy and convenient to learn around your busy schedule — at your own pace, anywhere you have an internet connection. Whether you want to keep your skills up to date or learn entirely new ones, online learning is an effective, flexible, affordable way to be taught.

Attract knowledge-seekers online. The online learning space continues to grow at a rapid pace. With .study, e-learning now has a web address that suits it perfectly. Whatever sort e-learning courses or services you provide — whether its high school homework help or masters-level university programs — a dot study domain is an excellent way to reach the growing number of students that are going online to learn.

A .study domain is the smart choice for any educator who wants to attract the next generation of students. So don’t wait. Get yours today.

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