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Meet our partner programs.

Whether you want to start a web services company or manage multiple websites for your clients, we have a program for you.


Take it easy as an affiliate.

Being a GoDaddy affiliate is almost too easy. Just join our program and add our banners or links to your blog, website, email newsletter, wherever (we create the banners, so all you have to do is choose the ones you like). Anytime someone clicks on one of those ads and ends up making a qualified purchase, you get a cut. That’s it. No fees. No complicated setup process. Just a quick, easy way to get a some extra cash for sending us a sale.

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Expand your business as a reseller.

If you’ve always wanted to sell domains, hosting and other web services, we’ve got you covered. As a GoDaddy Reseller, you sell our products under your brand. The best part? We handle pretty much everything, from payment processing to technical support. We’ll even give you your own customizable web store if you need one. Pretty much all you need to do is set your pricing and you’re in business.

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Life is better when you’re a pro.

If you design websites for clients, we designed GoDaddy Pro for you. You know all those tedious, time-consuming tasks that eat up so much of your day? Well, GoDaddy Pro lets you breeze through them. Our Pro Sites dashboard lets you manage multiple sites from one place and automates things like WordPress backups, updates and performance and security scans. You’ll even earn up to 10% in in-store credit on every new purchase.

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