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    Getting Started

    Here's my new Website Builder site...

    Hi, It took about 4 days to build this site; I was lucky in that I had a Wordpress site to use as a guide.  As I told user "rammsteinium", I'm not happy about the blacks being different for various sections, and there are some limitations, but overall, I'm very happy.  It seems I can't choose an external page to link to on certain images...but others work.  On the home page, only the chocolate shop would let me add a link, otherwise, the window drops them, I choose "external" and it just goes back to "choose a link...".   I'm very happy with the way the site looks and the functionality and it works great and loads quickly on my phone.  Please let me know your thoughts.     thanks, Jeff


    Update: whenever a link to an external page doesn't work, just refresh the page and try works every time; seems it gets hung up on the previous link.  

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    Outstanding job, Jeff!  The only thing I would add is a page called "Contact Us", in case folks miss that contact form at the bottom of the homepage, and put it in the top of page menu where folks are used to looking for that.


    Classy professional site! 😉

    "Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin

    Getting Started

    Thank you @Muse, I appreciate that, and we are on the same page.  I was looking at the nav bar and saying "something's missing".  I thought it would be redundant, but you are 100% correct...I'll do it right now....that's what I love about this, I don't have to wait for a web person to make simple changes.  You made my day...thanks.  Jeff


    PS: Contact page added... thank you

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    Really nice site @FilmDude Smiley Happy

    That means a lot coming from you...  One thing, I was able to send an email through the contact form at 3:46, but once I added a second contact form on its own, emails won't come through from either contact us form.  I tried on two different browsers, it's been about an hour already...nothing in Outlook.   Thanks.  Jeff

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    Hi @FilmDude,

    Website builder (or any CMS) is not my forte, but do you now have two contact forms? There could be a conflict going on as most forms use an 'action' and a 'method'. If the 'action' is the same in both forms......

    My method if I needed a contact form on multiple pages would be to create the form handling PHP code, also the form html code, on a separate page, then to save rewriting the code on each page I would use the php 'include' function. So in actuality there is only one form and it's respective html code, mirrored in effect on each page. But......

    It's a bit different in a CMS. 

    When in doubt...... rewind! Smiley Happy

    Hi, you were right, I deleted the contact form on the home page and followed the suggestion of the other poster (sorry, forgot your name) and made a new page called Contact Us.  Now it you both together made the site more functional.  Thank you.  Now the struggle to do what Google suggests vs. what looks the best (the headline text in the home page header).  The blacks still don't match, hopefully someone from GD can go in there and manually check the hex numbers for all the backgrounds.   Jeff