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Domains and ICANN WHOIS Info

I am new to this whole "Domain" kind of thing, and when I created my domain, I started getting spam phone calls, emails, and other stuff, so I deleted my domain, hoping it would get rid of my info on ICANN's WHOIS Database, and it's still there. How can I get rid of this info??


Hi @RevisePM


Thank you for your post. Sorry to hear about the marketing and spam you are receiving after registration. Unfortunately, once the information is published to the whois it will not be removed until the domain itself is removed from the registry database which if the domain is older than 5 days may take around 45 - 90 days on average after deletion. 


However, although it is a requirement of ICANN to have whois data listed, GoDaddy has been proactive in offering services to help mask your personal information from the whois databases. The service is called domain privacy and is usually effective immediately and will help prevent further marketers and spammers from gathering the information.  


Add Private Registration


Hope this helps!


Getting Started

In the many threads on this topic, what's being willfully ignored by GD is:


- The fact that searchable databases of new registrations exist doesn't explain how the data gets there in the first place. Relational databases are only "easy" in one direction ... if you know a domain, getting the contact info is easy, but getting all contact info for all new domains doesn't happen unless someone is making that transactional info available. The TLDs are distributed over MANY databases, and the namespace is basically infinite, so even dictionary attacks on these databases to get new names won't work. The question shouldn't be "why am I getting so much spam from GD and not other services" but "how do new GD domains get into databases, is it disproportionate to other registrars, and is GD somehow complicit?" I think GD knows the answer to the 1st, and I think I know the answer to the other 2 (hint: "yes").


- Selling a solution (domain privacy) to a problem you create is the equivalent to selling insurance and walking around town throwing rocks through windows. Do not accept that as an answer. Likewise, creating the problem and then telling us to fix it by ratcheting up our spam filters (leading to false positives on real mail) is both potentially expensive (time, lost ROI from /dev/null'd mail) and akin to facking companies telling you to buy bottled water because the poor mega-company needs to externalize their costs on these whiney consumers that don't think they should bear the brunt of someone else's profits.


- Telling us to report spammers using the whois abuse email addresses of spamming domains is comically unlikely to work.


- GD has a long history of unethical behavior, and that should be taken into account when interpreting responses, especially from front-line support that isn't made aware of the muck going on in the HQ.