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Add taxes with the original Catalog app

Create and manage custom product or order taxes from the Catalog app on your GoDaddy smart terminal. Taxes that are already associated with a product will be automatically applied during the order process.

These steps cover how to apply taxes through the original Catalog app. To determine which version you have, launch the Catalog app on your GoDaddy smart terminal. If the app header matches the image below, you’re using the updated Catalog app. Check out our info for adding taxes in the updated Catalog app.

Catalog app navigation options
Note: The updated Catalog app was released in January 2024 for new GoDaddy Payments merchants in the US. Access will expand to all GoDaddy Payments merchants later this year.
  1. On the smart terminal home screen, tap Catalog. To change to a different catalog, tap Switch, then the catalog name.
    • To apply tax to an individual product or category, select the product or category, then Edit taxes. If you apply taxes to a catalog, don’t add additional taxes at the product or category level – you don’t want to charge tax twice!
  2. Tap Taxes, and then tap Add Tax.
  3. Either create a new tax rate or apply an existing tax rate to items in your catalog:
    • To create a new tax, tap Create Tax and enter the Name, Type (such as sales tax, alcohol tax, etc) and Percent (%) or Amount ($), and then tap Save Tax.
    • To use an existing tax, tap Add existing, tap the box next to the tax you want to add, then tap Add.
  4. The tax will automatically apply to the Catalog and Categories you’ve selected. To make changes to a tax, tap Taxes in the Catalog app and select the tax from the list to edit or delete.

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