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Create a shipping label in Managed WooCommerce Stores

Now that your ShipEngine account is connected to your store and you've added funds to your wallet, you're ready to start creating new labels. Before continuing, a couple of notes:

  • If the Item Shipped notification is enabled for your store, it is automatically sent when the label is created. You can manage the email’s activation status (enabled or disabled) from the Emails tab on the Marketing > Emails page.You can create multiple shipping labels for an order with multiple products
  • Items are available to ship when they have a status of unfulfilled. If all items in an order are marked as fulfilled, you won't be able to create a new label unless you void an existing label.

As soon as you're ready, follow the steps below to create a new shipping label:

  1. Go to WooCommerce, click on Orders and select the order you want to create a shipping label for.
  2. If ShipEngine is properly connected, click the Create Shipping Label button in the Shipping section.
  3. If this is your first time creating a label after connecting ShipEngine to your store, you'll need to add your store's phone number which can be used as your contact number. Your store's number is saved for future use in the WooCommerce general settings.
  4. Next, you'll need to review the store and shipping addresses. The following information is required to create a shipping label:
    • Store address. You can navigate to the WooCommerce general settings to add one if you haven't already done so.
    • Order address. If there isn't one, you can follow our guide on how to view and edit an order to add one.
    • Customer phone number. When you activate a ShipEngine account, the phone number is made a required field on your store’s checkout page and so it can be automatically captured. You can also manually add or change a phone number by editing the order directly.
    If everything looks as expected, you can click on the Next button to continue.
  5. Here you can choose which line items are ready to be shipped as well as their quantity. Click Next whenever you're ready to proceed.
  6. Based on your previous selection, our integration will calculate the sum of the weight of the products that are being fulfilled with this shipment. You can manually adjust the weight, which will determine the shipping label rate estimate. Click Next when you're ready to proceed.
    We're using your store's default weight unit for this setting. You can change that by navigating to the WooCommerce general settings. Also, make sure that your products' weight and dimensions are accurately set up before starting to set up shipping labels to avoid inaccurate calculations. You can find more information on how to edit your products' measurements and weight here.
  7. Our integration will fetch the live rates from your connected shipping carriers. You'll be able to view and compare which carrier has the best rate for your needs.
    Stores located in the United States will be able to utilize discounted rates based on the ShipEngine and GoDaddy partnership.

    In general, rates default to residential delivery services (i.e. store's address is assumed to be a commercial location, order's address is assumed to be residential).
    Kindly note that the rates the rates reflect the total label cost (including any fees or surcharges added by the carrier). The billing method depends on the carrier selection and may occur immediately or appear on your account statement.
    Time of billing varies across carriers. Ensure you have enough funds in your account if your carrier processes charges at the time of label creation. Contact your carrier if you're unsure when they process the shipping charge.
    Click Purchase Label when you're ready to proceed.
  8. In this step, the shipping label will be generated and ready to download and use. You can see the:
    • Tracking number
    • Carrier name
    • Number of line items
    • A button to download the label
    There's also a checkbox titled Mark this order as complete if you also want to change the status of the order to Complete. Whenever you're ready to proceed, you can click on the Save button.

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