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Common Question about the Shipping Labels integration in Managed WooCommerce Stores

Below you can find some frequently asked questions about our shipping labels integration with your Managed WooCommerce Stores site.

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How can I add more funds to my ShipEngine account?

If auto-funding wasn't enabled during the sign-up process, you can follow this guide on how to add funds to your ShipEngine account manually. However, kindly note that if your balance isn't sufficient when trying to purchase and create a new label from your admin dashboard, the process will fail. We recommend enabling auto-funding so funds are always available when you need to create a label.

How can I void a shipping label?

Follow our guide on how to void shipping labels in WooCommerce.

Why is there a Not Trackable label instead of a shipment tracking code in my order?

When a carrier doesn’t provide shipment tracking for the purchased shipment service, the shipment will be noted as Not Trackable. You can void the label (if eligible) and purchase a new label that offers a different shipment service. Check your carrier’s rate list to learn about their shipment services that include tracking.

Why can't I create a new shipping label for my order?

The most common reason is because all the line items in the order have been marked as fulfilled. This may have happened before this integration was implemented or after creating a label(s) and including all line items. In the latter case, you can void a label then purchase a new one.

After a label is voided, the line items in that shipment will become available again for fulfillment. You can quickly discern if there are still unfulfilled line items by:

  • Checking the label on the top of the Shipping section
  • Seeing that the Create Shipping Label button is not greyed out

How can I disconnect and reconnect my ShipEngine account?

Follow our guide on how to disconnect your ShipEngine account from Managed WooCommerce Stores.

Our integration will automatically find your previous account and allow you to easily reconnect to it. It isn't possible to manually connect a different ShipEngine account through our native integration.

How can I go to my ShipEngine dashboard from my site?

  1. Go to WooCommerce and click on Settings.
  2. Select the Shipping tab and click on Shipping Labels.
  3. Click on the ShipEngine Dashboard link.

This will automatically connect you to the account that's currently connected to your shop. From the ShipEngine dashboard you can connect more carriers and add funds as needed.

How can I connect more carriers to my ShipEngine account?

To compare rates from multiple carriers, you'll need to first make sure they're connected to your ShipEngine account. You can connect new carriers by navigating to your ShipEngine dashboard, then go to Connections and click on Carriers. You can also click here for more information.

Why is there a banner on the top of my store warning me about not having a required phone number field on my checkout page?

After connecting a ShipEngine account successfully, you may notice a banner on the top of your admin pages warning you about requiring a customer phone number during checkout, as this information is required to generate a label. If you don't want to require a phone number to your store's checkout page, you can dismiss the banner and instead manually add your customers' phone number by editing an order after it has been placed.

Can I track shipments without using the shipping label feature?

Yes, you can manually add a tracking code and send the Item Shipped notification without using the shipping label feature. Disconnecting your ShipEngine account will allow you to use our native shipment tracking feature where you can manually add shipment tracking codes generated by shipping carriers.

You can find more information on how to proceed here.

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