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Manage shipping labels in Managed WooCommerce Stores

After you've created a shipping label, you can manage them per order by navigating to WooCommerce and clicking on Orders. More specifically, if there are unfulfilled line items in an order, you'll notice a Create shipping label button under the Shipping column for eligible orders.

The button will not be visible if all line items are fulfilled. You can also find the tracking number that is generated when a shipping label is purchased.

Not all shipping carriers offer the option to generate a tracking number, so you may encounter a note saying that a tracking number isn't available for these cases.

Let's find out how you can manage your shipping labels, download, void them, or just find relevant information after they've been created.

Overview of a shipping label

On the Edit Order page, under the Shipping section, you can find the following information:

  • Tracking number
  • Carrier (either the name or the logo)
  • Number of items in the package
  • Button to Void a label
  • Button to Download a label

You can also see the number of items that aren't fulfilled yet on the top of the Shipping section.

If all line items have been fulfilled, the Create Shipping Label button will be greyed out until you void an existing shipping label or add more line items to the order.

Void a shipping label

On this page, you can also void a shipping label. Our integration allows you to proceed with this process directly from your WordPress admin dashboard.

Before voiding a label, make sure you check the relevant carrier's void and refund policy. Typically, you can void a label if it was generated in less than 30 days, but we highly recommend reading the carrier's instructions and/or policy to ensure this is true in their case.

After you void a shipping label, the cost of the label is credited to your account according to the carrier’s typical refund processing period.

To void a shipping label:

  1. Access your order list.
  2. Go to the order you want to manage.
  3. Click on the Void Label button.
  4. A window will pop up with more information about the voiding labels. You can see some extra information in this window like the name of the carrier, the total rate that was charged, the duration since the label was created, and the number of line items.
  5. Click on the Void Shipping Label button as soon as you're ready.

When the process is over, you'll be redirected back to the Edit Order page and the label will be marked as Void

Download or print a shipping label

You can download a copy of the shipping label even after the initial creation. To do that:

  1. Access your order list.
  2. Go to the order for which you have created a shipping label.
  3. Click on the Download Label button.

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