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Managed WooCommerce Stores Help

Dive in: Browse essential Managed WooCommerce Stores articles

Here's a roundup of essential Managed WooCommerce Stores Help articles. Some articles are listed more than once if they apply to multiple categories. Use this list as your guide for everything from building your site, store or services to getting noticed on social media.

Connect and access a domain

Connect a domain and set up SFTP access.

Customize marketing email

Learn about and set up WooCommerce customer email.

Manage products and orders

Configure and categorize products, and view or edit orders.

Set up payments

Learn about payment gateways.

Configure cart and checkout options

Set up cart tracking and recovery features.

Set up shipping and pickup

Configure shipping features like postcode and address validation, and allow local pickup.

Connect Marketplaces and social channels

Add your store and products to Marketplaces and social media.

See business analytics

Deep-dive into your business data.