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Sync your online store inventory with your GoDaddy smart terminal

If you manage your store inventory online through Websites + Marketing, you can sync the product catalog in your store with the catalog on your GoDaddy smart terminal. Once they’re synced, product purchases on the smart terminal will automatically reflect in your online store inventory. Your store inventory will always be up to date, so you won’t need to manually adjust the inventory levels later.

Note: You can also track product inventory on your smart terminal via native or third party apps, or through your Websites + Marketing online store.

Here’s what you need to do to sync your smart terminal with your online store:

  1. Add products to your Online Store and assign the inventory levels to your products.
  2. Go to your Selling In Person Overview page and import the products from your Online Store into your smart terminal catalog.
    • Product categories are not imported. If you use categories, you’ll need to re-create them and assign your products again in the smart terminal catalog.
    • Product variations (like different sizes or colors) are each treated as individual products in the Smart terminal catalog.
    • Import errors are usually caused by duplicate SKUs or special characters in a product name. If you see an error, check the products in your online store catalog to see if that applies.
  3. Assign the new product catalog to your smart terminal .
  4. That’s it! The next time you sell a product on your smart terminal , the purchase will be reflected in your online store inventory.

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