Build a better website in under an hour

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Jill Schoolenberg

Canada is a nation of go-getters. Entrepreneurialism is in our DNA. In fact, a recent GoDaddy survey found that 77 percent of young Canadians would like to be their own boss. But going out on your own requires a time and energy commitment you might not be prepared to handle. Marketing alone is a huge undertaking. For starters, if you want to start developing a customer base, you have to build a better website and implement a robust social and digital strategy that helps you stand out from the competition, break through the noise, and grow your company.

At the heart of a successful online strategy for any small business is a great website.

But the idea of building your own website from scratch might seem daunting. That’s why GoDaddy has set out to help Canadian entrepreneurs follow their passions and get online in a way that works best for them.

No matter the size of your company or your level of technical expertise, there are a variety of options available to help you get your business online — whether you want to do it yourself, have someone help you do it, or hire somebody to do it all for you. Below are a few things to think about as you consider the right approach for you.

Do it yourself

When you’re building a website yourself, it’s important to think about what it takes to stand out in today’s crowded online market.

One tool is the new GoDaddy Website Builder, which allows entrepreneurs to build a better website in under an hour.

Build A Better Website GoDaddy Website Builder

It is so intuitive that you can quickly personalize your website with thousands of combinations of options for style, colour, fonts and images. You also have the ability to make changes and updates to your website whenever and wherever, including from your mobile phone.

Building your own site is budget-friendly and allows you to have full creative control. It might require a little more attention, but you get to stay in the driver’s seat.

Do it for me

Small business owners have a lot on their minds at all times, and sometimes adding building a website to the list is unrealistic. In this case, it can be beneficial to hire an expert to help you build a better website that will allow your business to truly shine. Giving the work to someone else lets you focus on other areas of the business without having to take the time to learn a new system or get stressed out trying to incorporate web design best practices.

Here are some helpful tips for hiring a website designer.

Do it with me

Some small business owners have a vision for their website, but need help realizing that vision. In these situations, it’s important to choose a partner that provides 24-hour customer service with representatives who are always there to help you work through questions and hiccups. If you choose any of the website services from GoDaddy, you will get unbeatable support that is easily available when you need it most.

Top three tips to build a better website

Knowing what options are available to help you get online is only the beginning. Follow the basic tips outlined below to build a better website.

1. Keep it simple

Think of your customers and how they will interact with your website. If you were your customer, what would you want to see? Make sure your website always provides an easy, fast and reliable user experience . Don’t forget to make valuable information — like store location, hours and contact information — easily accessible and obvious.

2. Make it attractive

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so use attractive images where applicable to cut down on explanatory text.

Customers come to your website to research your product before making a purchase, so make it hard for them to scroll away.

With a library of incredible Getty photographs, the new GoDaddy Website Builder has thousands of images to choose from, or, you can even upload your own. If you are using your own photos, make sure they are the proper resolution for the best online viewing.

3. Make your website work for you

You are a busy entrepreneur who is always on-the-go, so build a website that works for you and your business. It is great to build websites that display beautifully on desktop, but look for a mobile responsive option so your customers get the same experience across devices. Choose a website theme that also allows you to access the back end of your website from any device, as being able to make quick edits and revisions on your phone while in transit is always a plus. Having a mobile-friendly site also increases your chances of showing up higher in Google search results, which might drive more people to your site.

No matter what approach you choose, consider now as the time to follow your dreams and entrepreneurial spirit. To get started, build a better website.