Use a website to put your passion in the spotlight

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Brian Watts

So long, summer breaks and spontaneous holiday trips. After having time to unwind, relax, and contemplate your latest passion project, let’s put your innovative ideas onto a profitable platform. In other words, you either need to make a website or enhance the one you already have to make it stand out amongst the crowd.

Keep it local (with global in mind)

Supporting local businesses has become a modern movement, and that’s even more reason to capitalize on your dream. “BIA,” or Business Improvement Area, has become a common term in cities across Canada and the world, encouraging everyone to shop locally.

Local consumers want to support local businesses.

So, why shouldn’t it be yours? Now’s the time to make that happen.

You know your customers better than you think. They’re probably a lot like you.

Let’s throw out a hypothetical — you hear about a business in town. Regardless of how you heard about it, if it’s already piqued your interest, you’ll more than likely look them up online. From there, the business’s website will give you all the information you need to decide whether or not you want to check it out for yourself. Keep this in mind when updating your own website.

When? Where? Why?

These are good questions to keep in mind when building your website. Explain the concept in its simplest form — the ol’ “elevator pitch,” if you will. When asked about your business, you should be able to have a clear, concise answer. This should be true for your website, too.

It’s design time: How to build a website

GoDaddy Website Software

As an entrepreneur, you’re already an innovator and creator. A website helps you showcase your ideas to Canada and beyond.

But websites can seem overwhelming, especially for those who don’t consider themselves tech-savvy or web gurus. You may find yourself contemplating over and over, “how to build a website … how to build a website ... ” That’s why GoDaddy’s website software makes it easy to build or update a website in under an hour.

Simply choose a template that matches your industry, add text to tell customers about your business or idea, then add a few photos. It’s as easy as that. With GoDaddy’s website software, you’ll have the ability to completely personalize your website — so your one-of-a-kind idea will stand out the way it should.

The more you can talk about your business and how it’s a one-of-a-kind concept, the more you’ll differentiate your brand online (and in person).

Now you can showcase your business and give it the recognition that it deserves. For more detailed information, check out this post about how to build a better website in under an hour.

Your story sells

After all the hard work of putting your blood, sweat and tears into creating your passion project, oddly enough, self-promotion can be difficult for a lot of entrepreneurs. Just don’t overthink your story. The more personal, genuine, and detail-oriented your story is, the more likely your customers will have faith in you and your product. Plus, you’ll differentiate yourself online because the more you talk about what’s special about your business, the more your current and potential customers will realize just how unique and exciting your business actually is.

GoDaddy Website Builder About Page
It’s easy to tell your unique story with GoDaddy’s New Website Builder.

Here are a few questions to help get you started on updating the “About Us” section of your website:

  • How did you come up with your idea?
  • What did you sacrifice to make your dream of owning a business come true?
  • What or who were your influences? Did your grandfather or grandmother teach you secret tricks of the trade at a young age? Your audience wants to hear about it.

Now that you’ve successfully put your idea into the spotlight, communicating exactly how awesome your business is, and how it’s a place like no other in town (or in the world), you’ve also officially got your readers’ attention. Ideally, this will make regulars keep on returning, and new customers finally check it out for themselves. And, who knows? You just might inspire someone else to follow their dreams as well.

GoDaddy helps go-getters go even further

GoDaddy is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, so they’ve been in the website business a long time. From your unique domain name to building your website, you can find all the tools you need at And, once your business starts to grow, so will your website.