Keep customers happy with an 800 number

3 min read
Edmund Tee

Sure, it’s fun to chuckle at bad customer service sketches on TV and film. Seinfeld’s car rental experience? Classic. But it’s not so fun when you’re on the receiving end of poor customer service in the real world.

As a former business owner, I always breathe a little sigh of relief that my team never subjected any of our customers to the kind of service that makes for viral videos on YouTube.® A big part of that was because customer experience was central to everything that we did.

With cloud-based business phone systems, a great customer experience begins even before that first hello. Here’s how:

1. Let customers know their calls are toll-free

800 numbers aren’t just for big businesses. You can get one for your business, too, and let your customers know they can call you for free. Better yet, services like MightyCall give you a functional Contact Us page where your customers can click-to-call you right from your website, also at no cost to them.

2. Answer every time a customer calls

What if you're not near your office phone? No worries. When someone calls your 800 number, you can make sure you always answer by ringing up to three different devices at the same time. Only want to ring one phone? You can do that, too. You can choose how you want it to work.

Aside from being a spectacular prank, this feature prevents customer calls from going to voicemail, or worse, the competition.

3. Give your 800 number a virtual phone system

Another way your toll-free number can keep customers happy is by giving them a great first impression. Virtual phone systems makes it possible for every small business to match the customer service capabilities of bigger companies.

Want greetings by professional voice actors? Check. Want dedicated voicemail, single-number dialing and customized extensions? Check, check, and check.

4. Respond to every customer request

We get it. Sometimes, despite your best intentions, you miss a call and it goes to voicemail. Hopefully you had a great phone greeting promising your callers a quick response. A good cloud-based phone system helps you keep that promise. It helps you tracks all missed calls and voicemails in one place, and reminds (OK, nags) you to get back to your customers.

For good measure, you can also track emails, Facebook®, and Twitter® conversations, giving you many ways to track customer requests. If you’re swamped, you can assign requests to team members so you don’t keep your customers waiting.

Need to be on the move? Make sure all the features and functionalities extend to your smartphone with a native mobile app.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, this is where we throw in a shameless plug for the app we make — MightyCall. We’ve built MightyCall to be plug-and-play. It will work with any phone number, any phone plan, and requires no pricey or messy hardware. It’s simple to set up and use — if you can use a Web browser and a smartphone, you can MightyCall. This awesome product is available as an add-on to GoDaddy’s Website Builder.