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Access Commerce Reports

Your business is racking up sales, so you're going to need a centralized location to oversee how your business is doing. Commerce Reports give you a detailed view of your performance across all the ways that you sell.

  1. Go to your GoDaddy product page.
  2. Scroll to Websites + Marketing and select Manage next to your site.
  3. On your Dashboard, expand Commerce, and then select Commerce Hub.

You'll arrive at your main Reports page with an overview of your recent sales, top selling product, along with your latest and upcoming payment transactions.

On this page, access the following reports to dive deeper into specific areas of your business:

Sales Reports

Experience interactive sales reports where you can view your sales data directly on the page. Edit Columns to include connected marketplace channels like eBay, Amazon, and Google Channel (depending on market availability).

  • Sales by Time Period: Group time periods by hour, day, week or month.
  • Sales by SKU: Each SKU displays both sales revenue and unit quantity.
    Note: Only orders marked fulfilled will appear on the Sales by SKU report.

You can choose to export the data to a CSV, which you can then import into other data software like Excel or QuickBooks.

GoDaddy Payments Reports

With GoDaddy Payments reports, you can create and download reports on transactions, payouts (or deposits), orders, tips and more.

Choose an available report type and date range to generate your report in PDF or CSV format.

Note: Payment reports are only available to merchants using GoDaddy Payments.
  • Transactions Report: See all card and cash transactions that occurred through GoDaddy Payments during a specified date range.
  • Payout Report: See all payouts (or deposits) sent from GoDaddy Payments to your linked bank account during a specified date range.
  • POS Orders Report: See all point-of-sale orders during a specified date range.
  • Taxes Report: See all taxes during a specified date range.
  • Tips Report: See all tips during a specified date range.
  • Discounts Report: See all discounts issued during a specified date range.
  • Fees Report: See all fees incurred during a specified date range.

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