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How do I migrate my site to Managed WooCommerce Stores?

When it's time to migrate your existing WordPress website into your Managed WooCommerce Stores account we can do that for you. No matter how complex your site, a WordPress site migration is included for free with your Managed WooCommerce Stores plan. It's a high-success, reliable way to get the job done right.

How does your migration work?

Our specialized team handles your WordPress site migration for you with our premier concierge service. We'll transfer your WordPress site via SSH, and do a final data sync just prior to the cutover — ensuring your Managed WooCommerce Stores site is current with any data that's changed in the interim. We’ll scope out any surface-level errors we find and address them for you before switching DNS over. An engineer reviews the details and keeps you updated on progress.

Note: During the migration setup, we'll ask you for your site credentials. Your information is securely encrypted, passed to our migration team, and then deleted once the migration is complete.

What if I want to migrate the site myself?

If you prefer to migrate the site on your own, follow the steps for migrating a WordPress site using the ManageWP plugin.

I didn't opt-in to the expert migration during onboarding. Can I still request a migration?

Absolutely. Use the GoDaddy Guides section at the bottom of your Managed WooCommerce Stores Overview to send a message to our dedicated support team. Be sure you select Migration from the list. We'll be in touch shortly and we'll keep you informed by email. Your site will be migrated in about three days.
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What if I something goes wrong and I need help?

No problem! Use the GoDaddy Guides section to contact us.

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