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At this time, we are not accepting new contributors.

However, we welcome you to complete an application and we may contact you when this changes.

Here at GoDaddy, we feature industry experts and writers from a variety of backgrounds:

  • Designers and developers
  • Small business owners who want to share their experiences
  • Freelance writers interested in exploring topics for our readers

What are we looking for?

We publish practical advice and inspirational content for aspiring and active entrepreneurs, as well as knowledge from experienced web professionals willing to hand off knowledge to emerging freelancers.

What kinds of contributors are we looking for?

We’re looking for both freelance writers and industry experts. We want contributors who are thorough in their research, understand the needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs, and can tell a story.

Writers, what should you expect?

At GoDaddy, we strive to publish useful and informative content for our readers.

Interesting and trending topics. We want articles that teach our readers how to put your insights, ideas, and experiences into practice. The blog’s editorial team both assigns specific article topics and accepts writer pitches — so if you’ve got a great idea that you think will appeal to our readership, send it our way! We’re always looking for interesting takes on trending topics.

Strong voice. Our blog’s editorial tone is fun and conversational, even a bit irreverent at times. We seek freelancers who can write with authority while keeping it real.

Deadlines. We give our freelance writers ample time to complete assignments so we expect them to meet our deadlines and provide timely revisions. In return, we provide timely compensation.

Robust, well-cited articles. We want posts that include practical examples and attribute sources where appropriate. Ideally, you’ve read what’s ranking well already on Google for the topic.

Fair compensation. The amount we pay for each article depends on a variety of factors, including article length, complexity and author influence. We pay a flat fee per article.

No blatant self-promotion. We’re happy to include a few links to relevant content, but articles should not include self-promotion, link schemes, marketing or sales pitches. All of our links are "nofollow" by default.

Original work. All submitted work must be original (not syndicated/republished from elsewhere) and we do not accept AI generated content.

Publish date TBD. If we assign you an article, we’ll let you know when it will publish, based on our editorial calendar.

In all cases, we reserve the right to make edits to submitted work for content, formatting, style and tone, and all submitted work is the sole property of GoDaddy.

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