What is the domain name system

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Mallika Krishnamoorthy

Business outreach has never been easier to accomplish than today. Putting your business online is the perfect way to open it up to the world at large. This is why almost every business — small, medium or large — invests in a website. And the first step towards building your website is to register a domain name. Before we delve further, let us understand a little bit about the domain name system.

What is the domain name system?

Every website on the internet is assigned a unique string of numbers to it, also known as IP address or Internet Protocol address.

A website is the swiftest way to garner the attention of potential clients and to stay connected with existing ones.

However, the strings are too long for memory to retain and recall when you need to open websites. If you think remembering phone numbers is tricky, imagine a string of 32 or more unique numbers for yourself.

Now imagine similar unique numbers for your family members, friends, acquaintances, business associates — and memorize them.

Domain name is nothing but a welcome substitute to the long string of numbers!

You must’ve realized by now how unsustainable this is. So a method of assigning domain names was evolved. For example here are a few familiar domain names:

  • JustDial.com
  • LonelyPlanet.com
  • Uber.com

The web addresses for each would be https://www.justdial.com, https://www.uber.com and https://lonelyplanet.com. But really, all you need to do is start typing the business name into your browser to find any of them on the internet.

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What to look for in a domain name registrar

A registrar is an accredited organization that is authorised to sell domain names. There are numerous companies offering this service. Although the process is very simple, you need to look for the best registrar to manage and administer your domain name.

  1. Trust.
  2. Robust search facility.
  3. Language-friendly.
  4. Round-the-clock help.
  5. Complete small business services.
  6. Guaranteed security.
  7. Easy payment options.

GoDaddy stands out in more ways than one, making it the preferred choice for most businesses around the world. Here are a few advantages they have over other registrars to help you make a well-informed decision.

7 things to look for in a domain registrar

Once you arrive at your domain name, your next step is to find a provider to register it with. Among the foremost, GoDaddy is synonymous with trustworthiness.

1. Trust

GoDaddy is the most trusted and the largest registrar in the world.

To register with the largest and most experienced, is a huge confidence boost for the customer. You can be sure GoDaddy will stay several steps ahead of its competitors, which means you’ll be the first to receive the latest benefits.

Domain Name System GoDaddy Domain Search Box

GoDaddy’s powerful domain name generator is set into motion the moment you type your business name into the GoDaddy domain name search box.

The search engine delves into the world’s largest pool of domain names within seconds to inform you if it is already in use.

The Smart Search feature also recommends alternative domain names close to the one you typed in, in case your first choice is already taken. Peruse the list of suggestions — you might find something you like better.

3. Language-friendly

The internet uses ASCII characters, which are based on English lettering. This has made it hard for businesses whose customers speak Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi or another dialect to get domain names in those languages.

No longer. Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) make it possible for businesses to register website names in the language of their customers.

If English is not the official language of communication in your country or region, there is absolutely no need to worry. GoDaddy offers the facility of choosing international domain names.

4. Round-the-clock help

With GoDaddy, you’re never stuck! Free expert support is provided 24x7.

Just pick up the phone for a fantastic experience and service delivered to you not only in English but in a language of your preference, such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Marathi. Or get help via live chat, available 20 hours each day.

5. Complete small business services

Domain Name System Men on Fishing Boat
Once you have a domain name, GoDaddy helps you put it to use for email and a website.
Photo: Firos nv on Unsplash

GoDaddy is not just a domain registrar, but also a full-service small business partner. This makes your life much easier with the next steps taken care of by GoDaddy.

Want to build a website or web store yourself? GoDaddy can help. Need professional email or security for your website? GoDaddy offers that too. The company provides easy-to-implement and customizable solutions!

6. Guaranteed security

Security against hackers and spammers is of high priority for any consumer or visitor. At GoDaddy you can rest assured, as it is highly efficient in eliminating hackers, spammers and viruses. The security of your account domain name is certain!

7. Easy payment options

Payment is made simple with several payment options for clients. GoDaddy accepts:

  • Currencies of all countries
  • All major cards
  • eWallets
  • Simple bank transfers

Visit this page for more information about all your options.

How to find the proper domain name

Now that we understand the meaning and significance of a domain name, think of one most suited for your purpose. Your choice of domain name should be as close as possible to the business you plan to promote. This eases recall for customers.

Domain Name System Market Scene
It’s preferable, though not required, to get a domain name that matches your business name.
Photo: Nishta Sharma on Unsplash

A few tips on choosing a domain name:

  • Use a domain name generator such as NameMesh to brainstorm ideas.
  • Keep it short and don’t include numbers or dashes, as these are difficult to recall.
    By choosing the right extension for your domain name — such as .in or .eu — you are closer to your niche audience!

Domain name system: first stop in getting a website

Highly smooth and tremendously robust features, competitively low pricing for domains and easy payment options make GoDaddy the perfect choice to register your domain. Go ahead and give it a try! Check if domain name you want is available now:

This domain name system post was originally published on 15 July, 2019 and was updated on 7 January, 2020.