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Choosing the right security tools

Unlike other products, most businesses can benefit from multiple security products or services. Here’s a quick overview of what we offer and how we protect you and your customers

  • An SSL Certificate protects the data that’s transferred to and from your site by encrypting it so hackers can’t read it.
  • A Code Signing Certificate is for developers. It keeps the software you write from being tampered with or flat-out stolen.
  • Premium DNS not only protects your site, it improves its performance and reliability by giving you more control over your site’s DNS (Domain Name Servers).
  • SiteLock Website Security automatically scans your site to find and remove malware that can hurt your customers and your business.

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SSL Certificate

Perfect for web stores and sites that collect personal information

As mentioned above, an SSL Certificate encrypts sensitive data that users submit to your site - such as credit card numbers, password and more – so hackers or other online criminals can’t read it. Our certificates are issued in minutes and can be installed to your GoDaddy hosting account with just a few clicks. But where they really shine is with our powerful SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption, as well as the ability to cover unlimited servers.

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Write your own software? Protect your hard work with a GoDaddy Code Signing Certificate. It keeps hackers from altering your code and tells legitimate users you’re worthy of their trust.

If you’re an independent software developer, this certificate is invaluable. Our Code Signing Certificate places a unique digital signature on your software that proves who wrote it, lets users know if anyone has tampered with your code and even gets rid of the “Unidentified Publisher” warning that’s a red flag to your customers. We also offer a Driver Signing Certificate, which gives your hardware drivers the same level of protection and is required by Microsoft® for operating systems Vista and later.

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Code Signing Certificate

Perfect for software developers who want to protect their work

Premium DNS

Perfect for: All websites

Stop hackers from hijacking your traffic with Premium DNS. Our Anycast DNS Network also helps eliminate “Site Not Found” errors and improves your site’s speed and reliability.

You don’t have to be a technical expert to improve your site’s reliability and security through your DNS (Domain Name Servers). While hackers often target a site’s DNS as a way to re-route visitors to their own malicious site, Premium DNS prevents this by placing your site’s DNS on our global network. This not only secures the process for your visitors, but also improves your site’s performance and reliability.

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Keep your website secure and your customers safe. SiteLock Website Security automatically scans for malware every day and shows visitors your site is clean.

Keeping your website safe and secure is a hugely important task. It can also be one of the most challenging and time-consuming. SiteLock Website Security eases the burden by automatically scanning your site for malware every day. And with its vulnerability scan, which looks for openings hackers could use to break into your site, you have a powerful defense at work 24/7.

Best of all, if SiteLock does find trouble on your site, it notifies you with detailed instructions on how to fix it.

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SiteLock Website Security

Perfect for: All websites