Significant capacity improvements for Managed WordPress 

More to come soon

To keep up and get ahead of higher demand, we have added significant server capacity to our Managed WordPress hosting over the last few weeks — and will continue building upon this improvement in the weeks ahead.

This additional compute and database capacity will help us provide a better experience for users. In addition to capacity, we are also making further platform enhancements as we roll out an advanced file system to reduce congestion and increase overall performance.

These improvements represent only part of our commitment to the WordPress community. As a company, we designate a considerable number of resources and head count toward building a better WordPress experience for everyone.

Please keep an eye out for future blog posts tagged #mwp-wins and follow along as we continue to expand the capabilities of the Managed WordPress platform.

Art Martori
Art Martori thinks words are like chess pieces. While checkers might be more appropriate for the analogy, he’s aided by years of professional writing experience via mediums including content strategy, journalism and fiction. When he’s not typing on a keyboard, find Art strumming the 12-bar blues.