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Cate Barker

Like most modern businesses, the medical and health industries rely on the internet to get things done. Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, labs, medical device producers — all use websites to communicate with partners, patients, suppliers and others. But many in the industry might not know that they’re no longer limited to .ca, .org or .com for their web addresses. Now there are dozens of health domain names to check out.

Dot health ushers in a new era

A few years ago, the best options for healthcare providers looking to name their websites were few. And imagine your disappointment if you typed your clinic’s name into the box below, only to find that your .ca, .org or .com was unavailable.

Check your domain name availability here

Domain names are like fingerprints; they are unique. Only one business or individual has the right to use a particular domain name at any given time. Domain name availability has actually caused businesses to rename themselves, simply so they could get a .ca or .com that matched.

In case the domain you want isn't available, you could always try to do a WhoIs lookup search to find details about who owns it. Then just ask them if the domain is for sale.

New domain extensions to the rescue

Health Domain Names Blood Draw
The new domains give doctors, hospitals and other greater naming choices.

Hospitals, clinics, GPs, labs and pharmacies now have many more options for web addresses. For example:

These extensions haven’t been around as long as .ca, .org and .com so there are still fresh, original and affordable domain names to choose from.

Tips on choosing health domain names

Health Domain Names Patient with Ice Pack
The best health domain names are short and easy to spell.

Regardless of which domain extension you choose, there are a few things to keep in mind. The best domain names are:

  • Short and easy to spell. People often verbally share web addresses. The longer/more complex it is, the more likely the listener will get it wrong.
  • Free of numbers and hyphens. No one can ever remember where they go.
  • Location-specific, as people searching for health services often include their city. Add your city before the dot or after, if you’re lucky enough to be located in .quebec.

Consider registering multiple domains

There are distinct advantages to registering more than one domain name for your medical practice:

  • People typing web addresses on small screens are liable to misspell them. By registering common misspellings of your domain name, along with the correctly spelled version, you’ll capture everyone who’s searching for you.
  • Different extension can be used for discrete parts of your facility.

For example, one hospital might register:

Put the name of your hospital before the dot in all three cases for consistent branding. Then just forward the additional domain names to your primary domain. All those who type any of the variations will be sent to the same place — your business website.

Have multiple domains registered with different registrars? All domains can be easily transferred to just one account.

These are challenging times for health providers

Health Domain Names Pharmacy
Now health care providers can get web addresses that say what they do.

The healthcare industry is going through some exciting times. From the use of artificial intelligence for imaging, to wearable devices and apps that tell doctors how regularly their instructions are being followed, medical technology is making huge strides.

But health care in Canada also faces significant challenges, including:

  • Skyrocketing demand for senior health services.
  • Long wait times.
  • Retiring health professionals who are leaving vacancies.
  • Continued cyberattacks on health-related businesses, as hackers aim for patient data. To protect user and patient data, you can get an SSL certificate to ensure an encrypted and secure connection to the website.

But for every challenge, there’s a new opportunity. Use the new domain extensions above to distinguish your practice, pharmacy or supply company from the rest … and prosper.

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