How to do a domain check on the fly

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Tanya Jamal

A domain name is the address where a website lives. It is what potential customers type into their address bar or search for on Google to find your website and the products or services your company offers. But in order to get a domain name, you must first do domain check. Learn how here.

When successfully chosen, a domain name becomes interchangeable with the company name.

GoDaddy is a great resource for everything from learning how to choose a domain name to getting it registered and onto the web. It is simple to navigate the GoDaddy site and there is clear and helpful information on a variety of domain topics. Best of all, GoDaddy’s domain check tool can easily be accessed from any platform (even your phone!), at any time, from anywhere in the world (as long as you have an internet connection).

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Branding from the domain up

A solid domain name is the basis of any online branding and marketing effort. Your company will become forever linked with its domain name, so make sure your business puts its best foot forward on the web.

Registering a domain name provides credibility for your business enterprise and reserves your unique place in the global marketplace.

Consider what goes into selecting and creating a really great domain name that will actually contribute to and enhance your brand. Is it a domain name that is going to be easy-to-remember? A solid domain name will stand the test of time even if your business goes global. Try to steer clear of slang, and strangely-spelled fad words as a part of your branding efforts. There is a reason is still available as a domain name.

The best names are short, sharp and shiny

Whether you are looking to get your business online or to invest in a domain for future sale, you should look for a domain name that:

  • Is simple and short.
  • Clearly refers to what your business is or does.
  • Is easy to spell.

If it’s too long, will customers get mixed up? Did you include words that might have different Canadian, American or British spellings?

Using keywords — words that people type into search engines to find information, products or services that they want — in your domain name could help your website show up faster during an internet search. Following a two-word model can help tremendously as a memory aid for consumers ( or, for example).

Domain names are one-of-a-kind — only one registrant may use a particular domain name at any given time. The quickest and most reliable way to check if a domain name is available is to type it into GoDaddy’s domain check tool. GoDaddy has designed its search algorithms to let you know in seconds whether the name you want is available.

This is where the magic happens people, so be prepared with a pencil and paper to write down the best ideas available while reviewing the dozens of suggestions that will be returned to you for your choosing pleasure.

If the domain name you search for is available for use, you will be offered the chance to purchase it and will be quoted a price in Canadian dollars. It is then up to you to click and complete the purchase, a secure process that is easier than ordering a pizza.

Another option you can choose, depending on how big you see your business getting, is to buy related domains with different endings (.com in addition to .ca for example) so that you can corner the market on future growth areas.

Editor’s note: Got a list of domain names you'd like to check? GoDaddy’s bulk domain registration tool makes this easy and fast.

Domain Generator Donut CaUse our domain generator to find perfect names

If you are challenged in the ‘thinking up good names’ department, try using GoDaddy’s domain name generator to come up with viable options. Simply enter the one basic word that sums up the business you want to start to see what suggestions the search box spits out. For example, entering ‘donut’ will yield domains available for purchase like, and

I’m sure we’ve all heard the same stories about how a few forward-thinking entrepreneurs snapped up all the ‘good’ domain names a long time ago. Names like or — domains that were easy-to-spell and instantly associated with goods or services were the first ones bought.

But don’t worry. GoDaddy has you covered if the .ca or .com of the name you want is taken. There are now hundreds of domain extensions to choose from, ranging from .shop and .build to .quebec. Peruse the complete list of domain extensions here — you might even find a cheap domain or two.

Domain Generator Options for Donut ca” width=Seal the deal with a click

Once you have settled on a domain, check to make sure the matching social media handles are available. Consistency is key when it comes to branding; you want your image to be consistent across all media. As soon as you find a domain name you like and the matching social handles, follow through and register the domain name by checking out. Registering your domain will ensure that it is yours for a specific period of time that you choose (typically two to 10 years).

It’s important to register using your legal name, as your ownership will be formally added to the global WhoIs database, a step that’s required for all domain registrations. If you wish to protect your privacy by hiding your personal information in this database, GoDaddy offers a domain privacy option for that as well.

Get where you want to go

Whether you are just starting out with your business and need to register a domain, or you are one of those savvy investors who wants to buy a high-value domain, GoDaddy makes it fast and easy to do a domain check anytime, anywhere. Get started now!