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5 reasons to use Homebase’s free time clock app for effective time management

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Art Martori

Keeping track of employee work hours is crucial for business owners, but it can be a time-consuming task. Homebase's Free Time Clock App offers a reliable solution that eliminates manual errors, prevents time theft, streamlines timesheets, and payroll, manages labor costs, and ensures compliance with labor laws.

Some popular features on Time Clock by Homebase include:

  • Clock-in reminders on GoDaddy Smart Terminal and mobile
  • Early clock-in prevention
  • Manager time clock overrides
  • Automatic overtime calculations
  • Custom break settings
  • Real-time employee status visible from web and mobile
  • Payroll-ready hours summary, payroll, and or payroll integrations

Here are five key reasons why you should consider using the Homebase Time Clock App for effective time management:

1. Streamline timesheets & payroll

Prepping for payroll can be a headache and take a long time to ensure employees are paid correctly.

With Time Clock, you can:

  • Automatically calculate hours, breaks, overtime, and even track salaried employees
  • Receive notifications of any timecard errors before running payroll
  • Use Homebase payroll, integrations, or easy-to-use CSV exports for a seamless payroll process

2. Prevent time-theft

Time theft refers to employees taking unauthorized company time, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Time and attendance systems like punch clocks and manual timesheets makes it even easier to steal time because employees can “buddy punch,” meaning a coworker clocks in for them if they’re late for their shift.

You can use the Time Clock app to prevent this by:

  • Taking a photo of your employee the moment they clock in
  • Preventing employees from clocking in early and alerting you when employees clock in and out for shifts
  • Option to set up auto-clock out to ensure accurate time tracking

3. Manage real-time labor costs

Time Clock integrates with your schedule so you can monitor labor costs, keep track of budgets and view real-time sales in one place.

By building your schedule with Homebase you can:

  •  Identify if a schedule is over budget based on labor goals
  • Get alerted if an employee will reach overtime, especially useful for employees who work at multiple locations
  • Eliminate the risk of labor leakage and get a full view of your labor costs by hour, department, role, and more.

4. Stay on top of everything with helpful alerts

As the business owner, you might not always be around to ensure your team is making the right moves.

Time Clock can help by:

  • Alerting when employees are late clocking in or have forgotten to clock in
  • Sending employees alerts reminding them about upcoming shifts, to reduce no-shows and late arrivals
  • Letting you edit employees' hours right from the app
  • Alerting when employees reach or approach overtime to get ahead of scheduling decisions

5. Staying compliant with labor laws

Did you know that federal law requires you to store time card records for a minimum of two years? This is just one of many compliance laws business owners need to abide by when they have a team of employees.

As a business owner, it can be difficult to keep track of these rules and ensure your employees are taking the correct breaks or that employees are getting paid appropriately for overtime.

With Time Clock you can:

  • Easily set up the custom break and overtime settings that fit your business needs and help keep you compliant
  • View specific state and federal laws directly in the Homebase account to protect your business
  • Get alerts directly on the timesheets if employees aren’t taking the appropriate breaks, and automatic overtime calculations

Get started using your free time clock app

Once you’ve launched the free Time Clock app on your GoDaddy Smart Terminal, your team members are synced and employees can start clocking in and out with their assigned Homebase PIN. Be sure to complete your account setup at to unlock the great features described above for you and your team.

Join more than 100,000 businesses that are managing their team the smart way with Time Clock. We’re here to help — our customer support can also answer any questions you may have via chat, email, or phone.

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