GoDaddy guide to naming a business.

GoDaddy Guide to Naming a Business Video

Naming your business is when your idea becomes a reality. You want a name that truly represents your business, that will last and that will help you see lasting success.

The right name creates an image in the mind of consumers and truly establishes your identity in the marketplace. That’s why the naming process is so essential.

Look like the pro you are and name your business right.

The ultimate guide to naming a business

We’ll start with the basics when it comes to naming your business, giving you tips and tools to keep the name true to your venture, different from your competitors, easy to say and easy to remember.

If you name your business right, potential customers can immediately connect with and establish a relationship with you.

When you’re brainstorming business names, be sure to search for the matching domain name. Your domain name is your online identity and the anchor for your website address, professional email address and social media pages.

We’ll show you why domains play such an important role in naming a business and how you can find the one that makes your business stand out among the crowd.

Speaking of standing out…we’ll give you resources on unique business names for specific industries and tell you how to make your business name uniquely yours.

We’re committed to supporting your journey as an entrepreneur — from dreaming about what you want to do to giving your business a name and growing it into everything you want it to be.

Ready to name your business? We’ve got your back with our business name generator tool and guides to help you find the right name for you.