GoDaddy takes a turn in the WordPress Weekly hot seat

2 min read
Mendel Kurland

Jeff Chandler (WordPress Weekly Podcast and is a great example of a go-getter who has been a standout in the WordPress community. Along with Sarah Gooding and Marcus Couch, Jeff covers everything from new WordPress versions to security to community events on the top-rated WordPress Weekly podcast. It’s because of WP Tavern’s commitment to the community that it was such a privilege for Jeff King, Kurt Payne and me to appear as guests on a recent WP Weekly podcast to answer some tough questions and discuss the new things we’ve been working on at GoDaddy to support the WordPress community.

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Chandler brought the three of us into the discussion and dove deep, asking questions about company culture, the technical differences between Managed WordPress and traditional hosting, our support changes, and our community commitment. He was also interested in learning more about the GoDaddy Pro program, which is our new initiative for web designers and developers. (If you're a designer or developer, you can request a beta invitation to the GoDaddy Pro program here.)

As a technology provider for developers, designers and entrepreneurs, GoDaddy has done a lot in the past few years to develop new kick-ass technology, reinvent our brand from an advertising perspective, and make impactful talent acquisitions. It was massively fun having the opportunity to discuss those milestones with Jeff and Marcus.

In addition to discussing changes at GoDaddy, the show’s hosts covered a broad range of news including automatic pretty permalinks with WordPress 4.2, BuddyPress 2.2 beta 1, and a little about a redesign of the WordPress themes directory. Marcus’s plugin picks capped off the conversation.

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