WordCamp Chicago

Looking through the lens at WordCamp Chicago 2016

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Kari Leigh Marucchi

Yet another WordCamp is never just-another-WordCamp, and WordCamp Chicago 2016 was absolutely no exception. That's why I was so glad to be shooting #wcchi from April 30 to May 1, in all its character, for GoDaddy and the WordPress community.

WordCamp Chicago 2016

It didn’t take long that weekend to realize I was keeping excellent documentarian company, including:

These and other amazing WordCamp Chicago attendees documented so many resources for those who couldn't be there, and reminders for those who were.

Memories from WordCamp Chicago

Those that couldn't attend will have missed ServerPress.com’s Marc Benzakein's 6-year-old daughter, Brenna, traipsing the hallways with a camera seemingly bigger than she is. Brenna was helping her dad and me get the shots of what made this WordCamp super special — the phenomenal people, the swag, the fantastically comfortable venue.

Marc Brenna Benzakein WordCamp Chicago
Brenna and Mark Benzakein capture memories at WordCamp Chicago 2016.

They will have missed the laughter in the hallway track, the hugs from old friends, the awesome sponsor giveaways, and all the new connections waiting to be made. They won’t have seen Ryan Erwin leading his organizer and volunteer team like a boss (a really friendly in-the-trenches-with-you kind of boss). They would have missed Clare Parkinson leading the architecture walking tour through downtown Chicago, and the best mac 'n cheese ever at the after-party.

They wouldn't have had a chance at an impromptu portrait or a Found Art Photography WordCamp sticker from me, or at one of the precious few Gravity stickers and stress balls featuring astronaut Wapuu (squee!).