Small Things, Added Up, to Make Significant Progress: Meet Teddy Nixon

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Katelyn Armas

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your career at GoDaddy.

I’m Teddy Nixon and I am an Arizona native and environmentalist. I’ve been with GoDaddy as part of the Front of Site Marketing Operations team for almost seven years. As part of that organization, there’s always something to learn, which keeps my days interesting. I’ve grown so much in my time here, and continue to gain skills and knowledge that are invaluable. I think many of my colleagues would agree that the absolute best part of working at GoDaddy is the people and friends we make along the way.

GD Green was the ERG I was most excited to join. I have always been interested in environmentalism and sustainability, and am excited that there’s a group of like-minded people here at GoDaddy who I get to share with and learn from. The GD Green events are interesting and enlightening, and the conversations in Slack are engaging and educational.

What is most meaningful about Earth Day to you?

Every day is Earth Day in my world, but the designated holiday is meaningful to me for a few reasons. First, I love that it is a day when more people are focused on the Earth and taking care of it. It’s a day of action for many, and I love to see people out in my community gardening, picking up trash, and educating others on sustainability initiatives. This year, I helped prep the community garden in my neighborhood for the summer growing season. I was able to meet people in my community and get my hands in some dirt. It was a great way to celebrate the Earth!

What are ways you try to play a role in how we prioritize the health of the planet?

Prioritizing the health of the planet is vital for me, and for everyone who lives here. Sometimes, talking about the state of the planet is all doom and gloom, and people feel stuck in how to actually make a difference. Sure, none of us can save the planet alone, but every one of us can do small things, which added up, make significant progress. I have a local compost service that comes to my place every week to pick up that week’s compost because I don’t yet have a yard or garden. I take advantage of the community garden around the corner so I have a way to grow some of my own food. I plant pollinator-friendly flowers and rescue drowning bees out of my community pool. I participate in my city’s recycling program, and collect and drop off other items that can’t be recycled, traditionally, such as styrofoam and batteries, to specialty locations. I always take a bag to collect trash when I take my dog for her morning walk. On a larger scale, I research sustainability efforts in my larger community and world. When I’m able to, I donate to, and volunteer with organizations that help causes I’m passionate about — such as water conservation, soil health, solar power initiatives, and alternative energy projects.

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