Transformations Within Software Development: Meet Trond Bergquist

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Katelyn Armas

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what led you to join GoDaddy.

My name is Trond Bergquist and I am a software developer from Norway. I have been living and working remotely from Barcelona since 2017. I have a wife, daughter, and dog named Rita.

When the pandemic struck, I was working in the travel industry. Things were not going great in that industry and I was concerned at what my future might look like with this career path. I was on the lookout for a new place to work when I came across an ad for GoDaddy. I already knew it was a big brand, and the sector seemed much more secure. I had a great interview experience, which triggered me to join the team at the end of the process.

Tell us more about your team and why job seekers should join you, here at GoDaddy.

My team consists of 4 developers plus me (the manager) within Software Development of Products. We are a distributed team working 100% remotely with members working out of Spain, Brazil, the UK and Romania.

Devs should join us because they will be working remotely with all the freedom that provides. Additionally, we are in the effort of renewing our codebase. We are moving away from legacy code and creating new code using great tools like react-query, formik, linaria (css-in-js with 0 runtime).We want to adopt some SSR tools, like nextjs in the future. You can bea part of this transformation, having major influence, and autonomy! Check out our career page for open roles on my team.

What real-life problems does your team solve?

We are providing a platform for brands that GoDaddy has acquired. This includes creating a storefront, cart, checkout process, and domain search for those brands. We are building an e-commerce solution that is being used by several brands, each with a totally different look and feel, and content all from the same code base. We are enabling these brands to become a part of the GoDaddy infrastructure while keeping their existing brand profile.

What does it take to succeed on your team?

- Being a team player.- Having agile/scrum knowledge.- Showing major interest in tech.- Possessing drive to always improve new and existing code.- Identifying and solving problems to help both clients and developers.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love travelling, going to the beach, watching tv shows and going to the gym!

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