WordCamp Europe 2022

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Courtney Robertson

We're thrilled to be back at WordCamp Europe this year.  After a long hiatus for WordPress events in person, it's finally time for the WordPress community to be together in person again. This year's event is occurring in Porto, Portugal for the 10th anniversary of WCEU.

Can't join in person this year? Tune in to watch in Track 1 and Track 2. See the full schedule on WCEU's site.

Join along as we share live from the event all that our GoDaddy Pro, Pagely, Sucuri, and ManageWP teams experience. Jump to your favorite parts of the event:

Super Bock Arena and picnic

Pirate Party

We set sail aboard the Pagely Pirate Party on Wednesday, June 1.  Guests dined on delicious local food, listened to the band perform, and took in all the sites while cruising.

Contributor Day

Contributor day is an opportunity to learn about the 20 different teams across the WordPress project and begin contributing to the teams. The day began with an overview about the various teams and what they'd be working on during the day.  We then broke off into those teams. It is an amazing opportunity to ask questions in person and get familiar with team members.

During lunch a group photo was taken.

Speaker, sponsor, volunteer dinner

To celebrate those that make WordCamps possible, often there is a speaker, sponsor, and volunteer crew dinner.  The trip across the city to the Porto Cruise Terminal and tuk tuk ride to the venue led to a breathtaking view of the shoreline at dusk. We mingled over supper with a DJ, and took in the best views from the balcony overlooking the shoreline. A surprise by traditional music performance featuring a Galician gaita, which is similar to a bagpipe.

Day 1 sessions

Missed a session? Tune in to Track 1 and Track 2.

Milan Ivanovic

Milan Ivanovic helped us reflect upon how Covid has impacted the WordPress community, and why we still do community.

Milan shared a quote from Plugin Review Team, Mika Epstein.

Besides just inviting people from different backgrounds, we need to do a hell of a lot better with keeping them.

Victor Santoyo

Victor Santoyo shared about "Security lessons learned from 2021".

As Covid caused businesses to shift online, more websites were created during that time.  We now face more websites that have out-of-date plugins, themes, and software.

Sean Blakely inspired us to think about how to be more efficient in our build processes with the block editor to create delightful experiences for our end users.

Wearing many different hats doesn't scale well, which leads us to need a modern app and the Block Editor is a modern solution available to solve this.

Vito Peleg walked through the many steps to onboarding a client and launching a project.

Many suggestions and resources a processes were shared, including contracting out services at various price points.

During the Acquisitions in WordPress panel, Marieke van de Rakt (Yoast), Shane Pearlman (Modern Tribe, The Events Calendar), Joshua Strebel (Pagely), and Devin Walker (GiveWP) provided a great deal of insight into the workings of an acquisition process.

Shane likened the acquisition process to having a part-time night job on top of the day job of keeping daily company operations running. Marieke clarified that there are areas that founders are not permitted to reveal as part of the disclosure agreements.

Day 2 sessions

Track 1 Day 2, Track 2 Day 2

Day 2 was capped off with a Questions and Answers chat (timestamp) with WordPress co-founder, Matt Mullenweg, and WordPress executive director, Josepha Haden Chomposy. Frequent questions during this time were asked by contributors across the various team, citing a need for contributors, multilingual support, and more.


Throughout the 2 days of sessions, workshops were also happening.

Hallway, WP Café, vendors, and lunch

After Party

Thank you organizers

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