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Maxym Martineau

I consider my two dogs my children. I have more pictures of them on my phone than I do of my boyfriend (sorry, dear). My pups provide me with endless entertainment, and I love nothing more than to capture their antics with a video camera.

Fortunately, I am not alone.

Pet lovers have posted thousands upon thousands of YouTube videos to keep us endlessly entertained. My personal favorite? Dogs who fail at being dogs. There’s just something about the slow-motion video style that really amplifies the epic nature of a dog failing at, well, anything.

Enter the new domain extension, .video. Even if you aren’t an animal lover like me, I’m sure there have been plenty of moments when you’ve captured something amazing on tape. From clips of your family and friends, to memories of vacations and other special events, to behind-the-scenes glimpses into your small business, videos can convey experience and messages in a way that words alone simply cannot.

If you’ve got a knack for capturing the moment, create an online destination for people who want to be entertained and educated by more than words on a screen — a website ending in the .video domain extension. It’s an ideal domain for video production companies, online training facilities, aspiring filmmakers and those who just love to spend their time behind the record button.

You can bet we’ll be watching.

Be memorable

When I’m perusing the Internet for funny videos, I usually don’t know the exact name of the clip beforehand. I just turn to Google for a quick search — dog videos, cat videos, top 100 kid compilations, and so on and so forth. The point is, my search is kind of obvious: I’m looking for videos. So, if you have a website address specific to your craft, chances are I’ll have a much easier time finding it. More importantly, I’ll be able to remember it later on when I want to share it with my friends.

A website name like dogs.video makes it clear what your site is all about. Your visitors will be happy to leave the guesswork at home with the instant recognition of your domain name.

Maybe you’re the next YouTube sensation with a channel that gives hints and tips about creating DIY T-shirts. Why not take this opportunity to claim DIYshirts.video? No matter what you do with your camera, there’s a domain name out there for you.

If your subject matter spans the gamut, snag a few .video domain extensions and point them all to the same primary website. And if you want to call attention to the fact that you’ve got a bunch of great videos on your business website, consider registering a domain name like yourbusinessname.video and directing it to your main site. This can help your business gain greater visibility, more traffic, and, ultimately, more customers.

Get found

The whole point of posting a video online is so that it will be watched, right? Creating a website is no different. Most people don’t build sites just to dump information. You know how to capture an epic scene, now it’s just time to capture your viewers. While videos can grab enough attention on their own, don’t forget to add some relevant keywords to boost your search engine optimization. In this day and age, awesome web content is the top dog.

Be as unique and compelling as your videos. Obviously your work will speak for itself, but don’t be afraid to boost it up with a well-written paragraph or two. If you need some hints and tips for creating kick-ass content, look no further. Who knows? If you keep following your passion, you might just find yourself crawling up Google’s SEO rankings.

Ready… Set… Action! Your videos are ready to go; now all you need to do is share them. We’re ready to laugh, cry, shout – whatever emotion you’re trying to evoke. So get out there and grab yourself a .video domain name. We want to see the world through your eyes.

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