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Cheat Sheet: Managed WordPress Ecommerce Hosting

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Bradley Taylor

Our Managed WooCommerce Hosting lets you create a robust ecommerce store quickly and easily. That means building the exact store your clients need for hundreds, even thousands, less per year.

Sell Anything. Anywhere. 

Powered by WooCommerce, our Managed WordPress Ecommerce Hosting features powerful flexibility with easy-to-use extensions and client-management tools. That can help you and your clients start selling quickly and make revenue faster.

Get online in far fewer steps, thanks to a simplified setup process with WordPress and WooCommerce installed and ready to go.

Choose to start from scratch or with a gorgeous, eye-catching storefront theme, and then enjoy easier site maintenance with bulk updates and monitoring. A single dashboard cuts down the time necessary for performance optimization, domain management and an array of other administrative tasks.

  • Thousands of dollars' worth of free WooCommerce extensions
  • Lowest transaction fees compared to leading competitors
  • Unlimited products
  • Free SSL for life of plan
  • Malware scan and removal (Website Security – Essentials)
  • Easy WooCommerce setup and dashboard
  • Free Premium WooCommerce Storefront design themes
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited monthly visitors
  • Concurrent processes allowed – PHP: 30 MySQL: 24
  • One-click staging site
  • Yoast SEO plugin
  • SSH/WP-CLI access
  • SFTP access
  • Full asset CDN
  • File manager
  • Auto migration tool
  • Auto WP software updates
  • Data centers in North America and Europe
  • Free backups – automatic, daily, kept for 90 days
  • Free (1) Microsoft 365 Email with annual plan – 1st Year Free (optional)
  • Free domain with annual plan

Note: You can add GoDaddy Payments to your online store. Share a branded payment link with your customers via social media, email or text to take fast, secure online payments.

Build a feature-packed online store — at no extra cost. 

Managed WordPress Ecommerce Hosting comes with seven premium WooCommerce extensions built-in natively to your WordPress installation:

  • Cost of goods: Track profit and cost of goods for your store.
  • Discount links: Share discount links with your customers and add coupons from ads.
  • Ecommerce emails: Customize your emails to reflect your brand and increase customer loyalty.
  • Gift certificates: Create custom gift certificates that your customers can purchase and send to their friends and family.
  • Google analytics: Track advanced ecommerce events and more with Google Analytics. This feature replaces the Google Analytics Pro plugins.
  • Sequential order numbers: Format order numbers, change your starting number, and differentiate free orders.
  • Shipment tracking: Share shipment tracking information with your customers.

There are also over 70 premium extensions ready to offer the most customization and functionality at no additional cost!

These high-end premium extensions at your fingertips include the functionality to enable:

  • Cart and Checkout functions (9) including WooCommerce Checkout Add-ons and WooCommerce Purchase Order Gateway.
  • Marketing functions (10) including Product Add-ons and WooCommerce Email Customizer.
  • Merchandising functions (6) including WooCommerce Brands and WooCommerce Products Compare.
  • Payment functions (10including Authorize.net and Chase Paymentech
  • Product functions (5) including Software Add-on and WooCommerce Photography.
  • Services functions (8) including WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Memberships.
  • Shipping functions (15) including USPS, UPS and FedEx Shipping Methods.
  • Store Management functions (9) including WooCommerce Pre-Orders and WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro.

Additional popular extensions include:

  • WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus
  • WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers
  • WooCommerce Order Status Manager
  • WooCommerce Social Login
  • WooCommerce Customer/Order/Coupon Export
  • WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro
  • WooCommerce Quick View
  • WooCommerce Box Office
  • WooCommerce Order Barcodes
  • WooCommerce 360º Image
  • WooCommerce Store Catalog PDF Download
  • Teams for Memberships
  • WooCommerce Bookings Availability
  • WooCommerce Accommodation Bookings
  • WooCommerce Subscription Downloads

Protect your ecommerce masterpiece. 

Once you launch a high-performing online store, rest easy knowing it’ll stay running its best. Managed WordPress Ecommerce Hosting includes leading-edge security features like malware scanning and removal, security activity auditing, file integrity checks, blocklist monitoring, and notifications whenever an indicator of compromise is detected.

Talk about locking it down.

Every Managed WordPress Ecommerce Hosting plan also includes the installation, configuration and validation of your SSL certificate with no additional cost.

Automated WordPress and WooCommerce updates ensure online stores are patched and protected from known security issues whenever updates become available. Restore points are created prior to updates, so it’s easy to roll back patches whenever it’s needed.

BYOF on an open-source platform. 

Flex your developer muscles with complete freedom to build your own features on an open-source platform built with a REST API. The powerful flexibility of Managed WordPress Ecommerce Hosting lets you spend less time on mundane tasks, freeing you up to create new features limited only by your ability and imagination.

Support from the people who know ecommerce.

Managed WordPress Ecommerce Hosting customers get 24/7 premium support. Whenever you need assistance from a friendly professional, our award-winning ecommerce WordPress experts are only a ticket, call, or chat away.

The information contained in this blog is provided for general informational purposes about Managed WordPress Ecommerce Hosting. It is not specific advice tailored to your situation and should not be treated as such. 

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