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GoForth — New GoDaddy series celebrates brave adventurers

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Lauren Joyner

"Sharing our passion is really important. I think that if you have the ability to make it a career, then why not?" ~Lizzy VanPatten, She Moves Mountains

Many Americans spend their days working at jobs that don’t fulfill them, but there are a select few brave enough to chase adventure​ and make a living doing what they love.

Their pioneering spirit drives these entrepreneurs to turn their​ lifestyles into businesses inspired by adventure. ​

​GoDaddy is proud to present “GoForth,” a digital series that unpacks how three entrepreneurs hustle, innovate, and find balance as they​ strive for success both in business and adventure.

It will inspire the entrepreneurial spirit in all of us to go after​ our own dreams instead of punching the clock.

The four episodes follow Jesse Thomas, professional triathlete and founder of Picky Bars; Lizzy VanPatten, rock climber and founder of She Moves Mountains; and Mattias Giraud, professional ski base jumper and speaker.

These entrepreneurs are followed by skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, who offers advice and takeaways to the audience as a whole.

By documenting the journeys of these fearless entrepreneurs, we hope to show that it is possible to break out and do what you love. Throughout the journey, you’ll see each entrepreneur work toward a business goal and athletic feat.

These are their stories.

Jesse Thomas

Jesse Thomas with boxes of PIcky Bars

Jesse Thomas is an accomplished triathlete and Red Bull athlete, earning wins in some of the biggest races in the world including Ironman and Wildflower. His passion for the outdoors and athletics led him to start Picky Bars in 2010 with his wife, professional runner Lauren Fleshman. ​

Picky Bars is all about creating real food bars balanced for athletic performance that are dairy- and gluten-free.

Since the founding of the company, Picky Bars has branched out to oatmeal, granola, nut butter, and more.

Watch as Jesse and his team works toward securing Picky Bars’ first-ever round of investment while weighing the pros and cons of securing $1 million of outside funding. And if that wasn’t a big enough hurdle, Jesse is also working on his comeback. After recovering from a foot injury, Jesse plans to attempt his first-ever winter multisport race, the grueling Mt. Taylor Quad.

Lizzy VanPatten

Lizzy VanPatten in van

Lizzy is the founder of She Moves Mountains, a climbing guide service with a mission to help women realize their strength through rock climbing clinics.

Having climbed across the United States and Patagonia, Lizzy brings grit and determination to her business and creates more opportunities for women in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

Follow Lizzy as she raises funds and pitches to investors for several goals, including launching the Women’s Climbing Guide Mentorship program and an inclusion program that she hopes will bring more diversity to the outdoor industry. She also has a personal goal: climb the 6-pitch route in Zion National Park.

Learn more about Lizzy and her business: GoDaddy Q&A with Lizzy VanPatten

Mattias Giraud

Mattias Giraud smiling in front of skis

Matthias “Super Frenchie” Giraud is a professional ski base jumper and speaker originally from the French Alps. He travels the world performing outrageous ski base jumps and firsts on some of the wildest terrain out there.

In 2019, he set the world record for the highest elevation ski base jump off Mont Blanc​ along the French-Italian border.

But he’s more than just an athlete —  he’s a master at personal branding, and has helped his sponsors gain exposure through​ his captivating “Super Frenchie” persona.

It’s time for him to take on a bigger challenge: TEDx. With his speaking engagements, he’s usually in front of an audience of 10 to 300 — but he’s ready for more. Watch as he plans and preps for his biggest speaking engagement yet: TEDxBerkeley with an in-person audience of 2,000. And to add some extra excitement to his routine, he’ll also prep for the world’s first-ever live broadcast ski base jump in the Alps.

Tony Hawk, GoForth Business Expert

Tony Hawk posing with skateboard

Legendary skateboarder, world champion, successful entrepreneur, radio host, philanthropist — what can’t Tony Hawk do?

A professional skateboarder since the age of 14, Tony has made a name for himself in a once underground sport. But he goes beyond extreme sports.

His success in the business world — through his clothing line, video games, skateboard brand and more — makes him an expert entrepreneur and mentor.

As the GoForth Business Expert, Tony offers insight and advice to entrepreneurs who want to dream bigger and love what they do. Learn his business tips and tricks through the series and understand how he was able to go from the rebel sports scene to mainstream success.

Watch each episode GoForth and follow these entrepreneurs as they expand their businesses and work toward their goals.