Customer story: GoDaddy Point of Sale helps streamline workflows at chiropractor’s office

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Dr. James Bogash
Lifecare Chiropractic




Smoother checkout for patients & less hassle for staff

Established in 1998, Lifecare Chiropractic is the practice of Dr. James Bogash located in Mesa, Ariz. Dr. Bogash is committed to staying abreast of the latest research in his field, reading more than 120 peer-reviewed medical journals each month. 

Lifecare Chiropractic provides a broad variety of services that see patients spending most of their time with a doctor, rather than an assistant. Dr. Bogash is a big believer in education, with programs such as a 10-week lifestyle management class to teach patients how to enact positive lifestyle changes. 

The problem 

Lifecare Chiropractic had been accepting payment cards through a legacy system, where services had to be totaled together, and then a card was swiped for the final amount. This created a less-than-ideal experience for patients, who could view only their final total, rather than line items for each service. 

"Many patients might come to Lifecare Chiropractic and utilize services such as chiropractic care, massage and maybe vitamin D. With our old system, those could not be itemized out." 

—Dr. James Bogash 

The staff at Lifecare Chiropractic had to spend time reviewing paper receipts, and then entering those amounts into their patient management system.  

The solution 

Once Dr. Bogash learned he could address his needs with GoDaddy's Point of Sale, he began evaluating it. Along with the ability to provide an improved patient experience, the POS system provided him with an easy way to accept and process digital payments that could be itemized for patients 

Key considerations included the ability to accept digital payments that could be itemized for patients. And by going digital, his team could save time and focus more on the patient experience. 

"Another thing that was actually quite important was the fact that we were no longer handling thermal register receipts on a regular basis. These are coated with BPA, which can be absorbed through the skin.  I was not comfortable with having my staff routinely touch these receipts." 

—Dr. James Bogash 

After careful evaluation and input from his team, Dr. Bogash purchased the GoDaddy Smart Terminal POS. The terminal comes integrated with GoDaddy Payments, giving medical providers the lowest card processing fees in the industry — compared with other leading providers. It features an easy setup process, dual screens to improve patient engagement, and allows for itemized billing. 

The results 

After a painless setup, the team at Lifecare Chiropractic quickly discovered the GoDaddy Smart Terminal produced immediate improvements to their workflow. Perhaps the biggest win was the ability to catalog their services, with easy access to the most frequently used items. 

Patients can use all major credit and debit cards — including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover — HSA and FSA cards, plus contactless payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

"We are extremely happy we switched to GoDaddy. The terminal is amazing and intuitive, highly customizable, and the reports are easy to access from anywhere." 

— Dr. James Bogash 

The terminal handles all the calculations, and then produces an easy-to-understand invoice with the line items for each service or product provided. Ultimately, the GoDaddy Smart Terminal provides Lifecare Chiropractic customers with a quicker checkout experience, and team members no longer have to hunt through paper receipts on the back end. 

"There is no need to use a calculator to get the total, as the terminal does that automatically. Additionally, we don't have to ask the patients for their debit pin or whether they want a receipt — it's all handled automatically." 

— Dr. James Bogash 

Not to mention, Dr. Bogash chuckles, patients often comment on the “fancy” technology used at Lifecare Chiropractic when presented with the sleek Point of Sale terminal. 

Overall, Dr. Bogash and team were pleased to discover that GoDaddy offers a suite of connected commerce tools that empower entrepreneurs with everything they need to start, grow, and scale their business.  

*Lowest transaction fees compared to similar plans from Square, Shopify, and Stripe for card present and ecommerce card transactions.

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