Sell Musical Instruments and Guitars Online

Make some noise and show the world your online store for musical instruments and guitars.

Get ready for your solo.

When creating a website to sell musical instruments online, it is important to be as trustworthy as possible. People are often hesitant to buy musical instruments online due to the personal quality an instrument carries and the perceived impersonal quality of finding an instrument online. As a newfound proprietor of instruments like guitars, make sure to introduce yourself. Presenting yourself as a passionate individual with a love for music allows interested customers to see why you’ve decided to sell guitars online.

Selling new or used instruments or both?

There is a market for both new instruments and used instruments. Whether you choose to focus on one or the other, it is always important to demonstrate the quality with which you handle these instruments.

New musical instruments tend to be very expensive. When a customer commits to purchasing a new instrument, add another level of service and make sure they have the proper tools to clean and maintain their prized possession. Providing a customer with items like brass cleaning solution, additional reeds or extra chords will make it easier for the new owner to make the most out of their new purchase.

Used musical instruments require a different approach to demonstrate that they are in good condition. Uploading pictures of yourself properly cleaning and maintaining used instruments will make those looking for woodwind or brass instruments more comfortable with purchasing one online. Send additional instructions or cleaning tools so new owners can do their inspections at home. When they play their first clean note, it’ll be music to everyone’s ears.

Put on a music show.

Build your online presence through community engagement. Create a digital calendar where local bands can post about upcoming performances they may have. Don’t be afraid to host a musical event of your own. It takes a lot to sell guitars online, so invest the time. Consider sponsoring an event to generate interest and to meet prospective buyers. Local bands or high schools are consistently looking for support from local businesses, and you can provide that service.

For instrument vendors that have a physical location, being a venue for a local high school jazz band would be a great opportunity to get students and parents to check out what your store has to offer. Depending which bands perform in your store, you can livestream or upload their performances on your website. Encourage viewers to share the performances on their social media pages and get some free advertising for your business.


Build your musical brand.

Musicians are in constant need of support, and so are local businesses. To grow your social media presence, create a hashtag that musicians who’ve bought your instruments can share to give your website some exposure. Provide offers and discounts on accessories or supplies for whoever can share the hashtag during a certain period of time. The additional exposure can help find you new customers and will demonstrate the quality of your instruments.

How to show off your musical expertise.

For some customers, the musical instruments or guitars you sell may be their first instruments. Posting your how-to videos can make the ordeal of learning a new instrument less intimidating. Film simple scales that can be done on the trumpet, violin or clarinet. Demonstrate how to tune a guitar or replace a broken string. If you know one instrument better than another, Google other people’s “how-to’s” to learn about instruments with which you may be unfamiliar. When you find what you were looking for share that knowledge with those that are also looking for help.

In need of musical instrument repair?

If you don’t already have one, consider creating a workshop at your base location to do repairs on musical instruments. If you’re going to sell used instruments, they will often need a touch-up. Include a “repairs” section in your website to give instructions to owners about how they should go about getting their instruments repaired. You could also include the option to schedule an appointment for owners with broken or damaged equipment.

Staying organized

When creating your website to sell musical instruments online, make sure to differentiate your products. Keeping a well-organized inventory of your instruments can provide a customer with a streamlined shopping experience. Create categories for:

  • Guitars

  • Brass

  • Woodwinds

  • Pianos

Make sure to also separate accessories. You may want to keep mutes, mouthpieces or synthesizers in a separate tab. This additional nuance in your store’s organization will make your website the one-stop shop for anyone looking to get started on their musical aspirations as soon as possible.

Scheduling band practice and jam sessions.

Practice makes perfect, but practice can also be very loud. Consider creating an appointment tab where students can schedule practice time in a studio room designed for testing and practicing instruments. Depending on your ability you can also schedule tutoring sessions. Before you know it you’ll have your own school of rock. And don’t forget your customers that love jam sessions! Be a connector and create a way to bring your customers together musically. Don’t have a brick and mortar? Use FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and other video chat apps so your customers can jam with anyone located anywhere.

Shipping, handling and warranties.

Be forward and candid when it comes to warranty and shipping policies. Some instruments are larger than others and require more intense shipping and handling methods. Calculate business days into the equation when you inform a customer about potential delays in their order.

Also, not all customers are as responsible as you are when it comes to their instruments, so make sure to establish warranty policies with every sale. If you are selling a new instrument, offer a standard 2-year warranty, but open the possibility for longer warranties at an additional cost. For used instruments offer different warranty policies. While it is important that customers receive the best quality item, you also want to make sure that the price is set appropriately.

You’ve launched your site: now what?

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