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My earliest version of a mobile calendar and task list was the back of my hand and a Sharpie. It’s maybe a little embarrassing to admit, but I have more than once left my house with imprinted to-dos on my cheek from sleeping on my hand the night before. But at least it was better than missing or forgetting something (or maybe it wasn’t).

These days I (usually) don’t have marker on my face. In fact, I can remember all the things I need to accomplish in one day without scribbling on anything. Thanks to mobile technology and the cloud, my calendar, tasks, and emails are synced across all my devices and readily accessible. I don’t have to think twice about the next place I need to be or the next thing I need to accomplish because it’s right there on my mobile phone wherever I am.

Save time and face

For small business owners, it’s even more important to have all your information available and up to date. Your time is precious, and you don’t want to be caught trying to decipher the smudged Sharpie on your hand in order to figure out where your next meeting is or what documents you need drop off to which client.

And, if you have coworkers or employees, it’s just as important to make sure that they have up-to-date information—especially if you’re not always working from the same place. It just doesn’t cut it when you’ve sent that urgent last-minute email to your partners before you rushed out the door but no one saw it until they returned to the office—by then it could be way too late.

Auto-sync isn’t magic, people

Though it might seem like it, auto-syncing isn’t magic. There are several different ways that your emails arrive in your inbox. The most common protocols that deliver your messages to your inbox from the sending server are POP, IMAP and Microsoft® Exchange™. (You might also be familiar with Exchange ActiveSync, but for the purposes of this article Exchange ActiveSync is essentially the same thing as Exchange). Chances are you’re using one of those protocols right now.

You don’t need to know exactly how each one works to pick the right email option for your business, but you should know that IMAP and Exchange will sync emails across devices while POP3 will not.

This is because IMAP and Exchange store your emails and other data on an external server (until you permanently delete them) that can connect to any device and automatically update them whenever you make a change. POP3 downloads the emails messages directly to your computer and then deletes them off the original server—so the only record of that email exists on the device that you opened it on.

Email choices, choices

As the economy increasingly shifts towards mobile, it doesn’t make sense to use POP3 unless you work from somewhere with very limited Internet bandwidth. So then what’s the difference between Exchange and IMAP? The biggest difference is Microsoft. IMAP is not proprietary and is used by many different services, but Exchange is Microsoft only. Other third-party hosting services partner with Microsoft to host Exchange (including GoDaddy), but Microsoft is the man behind the curtain. And it’s Microsoft that’s behind the reliability and security of Exchange server technology.

And, of course, Microsoft is the real deal.

Even better, with Microsoft Office 365 from GoDaddy, you can use Microsoft’s powerful Exchange technology without any need for on-site servers, complicated setup, or third-party hosting. Microsoft keeps the servers, and you and your employees access them directly through the cloud—from any device, wherever you are. And GoDaddy is there with 24/7 support to help if you need it. The ability to auto-sync has never been so easy or so reliable.

It’s time to lose the Sharpie.

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