Using open source for e-commerce

GoDaddy Online Store & Spree

Last year, GoDaddy embarked on a journey to offer the simplest and easiest e-commerce solution for small businesses. In the process, we evaluated various platforms for the criteria we considered important — including maturity, extensibility, features, modularity, adoption and community support.

Spree Commerce™ stood out from the pack.


SpreecommerceIn a move highly aligned with GoDaddy’s commitment  to embracing and contributing to the open-source community (such as our approach to delivering solutions using OpenStack®), we selected Spree to serve as the underlying platform for what we are now calling GoDaddy Online Store. We made Spree multi-tenant, integrated it with various GoDaddy systems and partners, deployed it in a PCI-compliant environment, and built an awesome customer experience on top of it.

We’ve also made a series of performance optimizations, feature enhancements and quality improvements — and contributed them back to the open-source project so that the larger community can benefit from them.

Fast-forward one year to our simple-to-use e-commerce solution. Online Store enables non-tech-savvy small businesses to easily build, manage and operate e-commerce stores. Currently in public beta, with more than 3,000 stores already built, we’re gearing up to go 100-percent live in the near future.

Want to learn more about our action in the Spree community and GoDaddy Online Store? Click here.

Bonus: Check out this video to learn more about Spree and website performance.

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Nitin Pabuwal
Working out of GoDaddy’s Silicon Valley office, Nitin Pabuwal heads engineering for the Online Store platform. He spent nine years at Amazon prior to joining the GoDaddy family in 2013. Nitin loves traveling, food, health, technology, improv, and just exploring new things.