Launching the School of Hustle podcast

Connecting with entrepreneurs

Calling all small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs! The second season of School of Hustle (and its first season as a podcast) is here. It’s a show all about everyday entrepreneurs building the businesses of their dreams.

Launching the School of Hustle podcast

Running your own business isn’t easy, and that’s why School of Hustle wants to help you succeed. In this YouTube and podcast series, we share real strategies that can help your business thrive, discuss how to overcome challenges as a founder, and provide actionable steps that you can apply to your organization, today.

If you’ve ever had the dream to start your own business — or are already on your way — then you understand the fundamental desire entrepreneurs have to control their future. It’s a need so powerful that they’ll risk their savings, relationships and career to become their own boss. We understand that drive, and that’s why we seek out entrepreneurs like us to connect with and share our passions.

I’m Sarah Funk, an NYC tour company owner, producer and an on-camera host with an MBA in entrepreneurship. I co-host School of Hustle with Maxym Martineau, a fantasy author, co-founder of a writing-resource site called All The Kissing, and a brand writer for GoDaddy. Together, we share our experiences in running our own ventures, plus we connect with entrepreneurs in all stages of development to share stories of success and, most of all, hustle.

In our first episode, we chatted with Jason Kang, the CEO and co-founder of Kinnos, a venture-backed company that’s pioneering colorized disinfection to protect healthcare workers, patients and the general public from infections. Kinnos’ flagship product, Highlight, is a patented and award-winning color additive that radically improves disinfection technique in real-time and is used internationally by hospitals, first responders and humanitarian agencies. Jason talks about the importance of government grants when creating a health startup, the different hurdles healthcare businesses face, and a value proposition for securing potential customers.

If you’re ready to take the first step to building your business — or simply want to learn something new — then check out School of Hustle. You can find the show on Apple PodcastsSpotifyStitcher and YouTube.