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Elohim uses her platform to spotlight mental health.

When it comes to mental health, the truth can be terrifying. But Elohim, a musical sensation, uses her platform to discuss the anxiety, panic attacks and depression that plague her life. And she does so in her songs, on stage and every day online.
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Elohim needed a platform for her platform.

She’s on a mission to tell the world about her struggles with mental health. To do that, she needed a website. But there were other things, too. She wanted to post videos, provide streaming links and sell some merch along the way. And Elohim is cutting-edge, so nothing low-tech was going to work. That’s why she turned to GoDaddy for Web Hosting, which lets her freelancer-designed WordPress website be whatever she wants it to be.

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"My online presence is who I am. It’s how I share every step of the journey – the highs and the lows – and how I’ve created this beautiful, honest, open community."


Her domain name makes a statement.

Elohim’s fans know her domain — — is how they find out the latest on what’s going on, whether it’s picking up the newest merch or just finding out when she’s coming to their city. So why the X? Because she liked it — and it stands out from the crowd, too. Little details like that can make all the difference between the perfect domain name and everything else.

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She’s in your feeds.
All of ‘em.

Elohim understands the power of social media, including the one we’ve used since the beginning: email. She uses it to reach out to fans whenever the need arises — tour dates, new merch or impromptu appearances at local spots. It’s that dialog and authenticity that endears her to fans, and it’s GoDaddy Email Marketing that makes it possible.

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