GoDaddy guide to building a brand.

Branding Your Business Journey Video

Now that you’ve honed your big idea for starting a business, it’s time to start building a brand that dazzles.

Your brand is a high-speed emotional shortcut to the promise you make to the world.

We’ve got your back with resources to help you start building a brand that tells your story, builds customer loyalty, instills trust with your community, and connects you to your fanbase.

Building a brand

We’ll show you how to create a consistent, compelling brand, open your eyes to the impact a branded website and online presence can have on your bottom line, and show you how to do it right.

First, take a deep dive into the importance of building a brand — whether it’s a personal brand or you’re branding a business. Learn how to identify your target audience, establish realistic goals, and come up with a compelling value proposition.

Then, use our insights to show your customers what you’re all about with modern visual assets. We even have the DIY tips and a free tool you can use to create your own logo.

Next, we’ll show you how to claim, update and optimize your social media and review site pages and set up a branded website.

Learn how to use your website to tell your brand story through a strategic mix of customized copy, smart typography, branded graphics, high-quality photos and engaging videos.

Explore proven tactics for using social media to grow your brand, and different ways to earn the social proof that boosts consumer trust.

And, finally, we’ll keep the momentum going by showing you how to protect and manage your brand’s online reputation, measure the results of your brand-building efforts, and improve them to make a lasting impression with your customers.

Let’s do this.