Bits and Bytes — Your weekly roundup for November 10

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Stacey Hartman

Happy Friday, everyone. As we march steadily towards the holiday season (and cope with varying timezone shifts), the learnings continue on GoDaddy Resources. Let’s take a look at what we’ve been up to this week. 

GoDaddy Resources

We kicked off this week with an early office hours session for AI, you can watch the replay of that office hours session here:

Over on the blog, we’ve got tips on planning out a holiday marketing campaign, as well as how you can improve the checkout flow via WooCommerce:

GoDaddy Social

Looking to attract more customers to your business? Geoffrey shows how you can do just that here:

Also, don’t miss out on the Ethical Website Ownership courses that are currently ongoing from our social team:

Thoughts of the week

As an Arizonan working with a distributed team, Daylight Savings shifts always make for a weird work week. Some meetings move, some don’t, but luckily, the ones that move tend to move later (I’m not a morning person, not even a little). The extra sleep helps as projects start to ramp up to finish out the year. So while our content might slow a bit as the year wraps, know that we’re running full speed behind the scenes to get ready for 2024.

And so, until we hit that glorious “let’s circle back in the new year” season, we’ll be continuing to work to bring our readers the best learning resources that we can. And don’t forget about our AI office hours, where we demonstrate how AI can help small businesses and take live questions from our viewers (join us, it’s a lot of fun):

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you next week.