Cross the Bridge When it Comes: Meet Divya Singh

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Katelyn Armas

What’s your story? Tell us a little bit about yourself and what led you to join GoDaddy.

Hi, I am Divya Singh and I work with the Talent Acquisition Team, responsible for EMEA & APAC — Corporate & Tech Hiring. I bring with me a myriad of experience hiring exceptional talent, owning to my decade plus journey across corporates, consultancies and start-ups.

It might sound quite entertaining — but I decided to move from India to London when the whole world was getting closer to their families, due to Covid-19 lockdowns.

My husband, 10 year-old daughter, and I moved countries instead of moving to the countryside!

Growing up in India during my college years, GoDaddy had launched a marketing campaign, encouraging individuals to create their own website. I used to see these adverts daily on my way to and from college. So, the mental association dates back a long way!

I applied for a position with GoDaddy in London and the experience I received during my interview rounds confirmed my decision to join. I was able to see the people-centric culture during my interactions. The transparency and collaboration I saw throughout my interview process is the reason I decided to join GoDaddy.

My start date with the company was 19th April 2021. 5 days later, I was admitted in ICU, due to medicine reactions. Through these trials, my emotional connect with GoDaddy began.

The support, care, help and acceptance that me and my family received from my manager, Victoria Maddocks, and TA team was exceptional. I had only been in the UK for 2 months, but had already formed a special bond with the organization. My journey throughout has been phenomenal, thanks to my team and my mentors.

What’s the most challenging yet rewarding thing that you’ve worked on at GoDaddy?

The most challenging thing I have worked on and accomplished at GoDaddy has been the setup of India Dev Centre.

The toughest challenge was the extreme time zone differences. My days would start with the sun rising in India and end with the sun setting in California. The dynamic talent market of India added to the mix of challenges.

The whole talent acquisition journey of India Dev Centre helped push my boundaries and motivated me to break limits I had previously had for myself. There was immense support and guidance from all the stakeholders, which enabled me to achieve this daunting task.

The project was so rewarding, as I shared the ideas with the senior most leadership team and was able to be a brand ambassador for GoDaddy.

What’s your motto or personal mantra?

“A smile is a curve which sets everything straight. Keep smiling and keep winning.”

Not to sound cliché, but I believe that we need to stay positive in all situations, enabling us to overcome any obstacle set before us.

Another one from my biggest supporter, best friend, and husband, who helps my dreams to transpose from reel to real — “Cross the bridge when it comes.” This has turned into my go-to advice for all.

How has GoDaddy helped you grow as an individual?

GoDaddy has empowered me to believe that inclusivity and diversity are a must.

From working at GoDaddy, I have learned the importance of work-life-balance. It’s not just an initiative, rather its embedded in culture. Being a passionate mother, it does amplify the opportunities to manage my personal and professional life with equal zeal.

GoDaddy has given me ample opportunities to grow as a Talent Specialist for EMEA and APAC zone, helping me gain immense market knowledge, tackling challenges and finding solutions along the way.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love to travel spontaneously with my family. We pack up the “batmobil” and hit the road 😊. I also enjoy trying my hands on craftwork and painting with my daughter. She is my biggest admirer and lifeline!

I love cooking new dishes and hosting parties at my home!

What is your advice to prospective candidates?

Be authentic and be agile. Also, make sure to be transparent during your interview process. This will enable you to present your expectations clearly, for the organization and role itself.

Preparations are always great but be prepared to deliver spontaneously to the unexpected.

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