Amazon EMR Serverless Architecture Diagram

GoDaddy benchmarking results in up to 24% better price-performance for their Spark workloads with AWS Graviton2 on Amazon EMR Serverless

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Mukul SharmaOzcan ILIKHAN

As a part of a larger benchmarking EMR Serverless for GoDaddy batch processing workloads study, we measured effect of architecture (arm64 vs. x86_64) on total cost and total runtime.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) had previously showcased a 27% boost in price-performance for Spark workloads with Graviton2 on EMR Serverless using the TPC-DS 3 TB scale performance benchmarks. Intrigued by these results, we conducted an in-depth investigation using GoDaddy's real-world production tasks to further understand the practical benefits of this integration. Our findings were astounding, as the EMR Serverless on arm64 consistently surpassed x86_64 in terms of cost-effectiveness. More specifically, we noted a 23.85% enhancement in price-performance across a range of jobs when using Graviton2.

Check out the blog post on the AWS Big Data Blog to see the full benchmarking results.

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