Encouraging Young Women to Explore Opportunities in Tech: GoDaddy’s Participation in Girls’Day 2022

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Katelyn Armas

Each year, Germany celebrates Girls’Day — a day dedicated to nurturing young women’s curiosity in technology and science. This program provides girls the opportunity to network and engage with organisations to get a better understanding of these fields. Girls’Day has a massive reach, with over 10,000 events annually for almost 2 million girls living across the globe.

In late April 2022, GoDaddy partnered with Girls’Day in Germany.

Our team offered children in 5th, 6th, or 7th grade insight to Women in Tech, programming, and data center engineering. Additionally, we gave young girls the opportunity to create their own website with the help of our programming team!

The girls created personal blogs about themselves, their hobbies, and interests. They were particularly interested in website design and aesthetics.

We asked System Engineer, Julian Frei, his thoughts on this year’s participation. “Girls’Day 2022 was a great success. The young women were fully engaged — they asked very detailed questions and were curious throughout. I took the opportunity to not only talk about the tech industry, but also what GoDaddy is doing, in regards to climate change and environmental protection. I went into detail on how our datacenters work, what servers are and later what heat loss is and why and how we cool our servers using climate neutral methods. We also had discussions about internet security and women in the tech industry. I think they got a lot out of it, a little bit of education in different areas, first hand accounts from women in the industry and overall a sufficient glimpse into working in IT.”

Through participation in Girls’Day, our hope is to ignite interest in young women to join a career in tech. We want to be a source of education and provide the proper resources to allow girls an equal opportunity in the industry. The goal is to continue to see a rise in female professionals in the tech space. Their insights will ultimately yield innovations that have the power to change our world.

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