Environmentally Secure Future: Meet Cole Sibbald

3 min read

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your career at GoDaddy.

Hello! I am Cole, a Data Engineer at GoDaddy. I live, work, and play in one of the most beautiful areas of Canada; the West Kootenays. While living in a historically rich area, I am grateful to apply my skills to the global workforce of employees that GoDaddy is comprised of. I love challenging my mind as I work, with the aim of delivering efficient and robust layers of data to our customers. Working on AWS with an internal culture of experimentation and exploration, I feel empowered to deliver complex data solutions. One concrete example of this would include migrating cloud compute for data processes to AWS Graviton. These changes frequently lead to a direct reduction in costs and environmental impact.

Can you share more about your involvement with GD Green?

Having been a member of the GD Green Employee Resource Group (ERG) for a few years, I felt that it was my time to contribute back to this initiative; encouraging both my colleagues and the company towards a more environmentally secure future while improving financial margins. I've recently become a VP on the GD Green board, generating ideas and roadmaps for how to grow our engagement towards "Green" initiatives within our cohort. We've just recently orchestrated monthly meet-ups where members of the ERG are encouraged to share environmentally relevant topics close to their hearts. Together, we can all collaborate on this journey towards more sustainable living.

How does GoDaddy support you to do the things that are important to you?

I love that GoDaddy offers me the balance to contribute fully to my work while having the confidence to donate back to my local community. I deeply value living a quieter balanced life, focused on outdoor recreation, community initiatives and plenty of backyard tinkering. I am on one local board that is spearheading a rural composting program having diverted over thirty tons of waste since 2018!

How will you be celebrating Earth Day 2024?

I am looking forward to this upcoming Earth Day where like every year, I will make an extended effort to go on a long walk in the forest.

Cole lives and works on the traditional unceded territory of the Sinixt Nation.

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