Meet the Teammate: Jordan Watson, Senior Node.js Developer

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Katelyn Armas

Our ‘Meet the Teammate Series’ offers a glimpse into the daily lives of a variety of team members in different parts of the business.

What do you like most about GoDaddy?

From a tech perspective, working at GoDaddy fits my professional goals and roadmap to work primarily in the JavaScript ecosystem. It’s the language I find most enjoyable and GoDaddy offers an environment to use my skills to build challenging business objectives that are not repetitive. As well the company pushes open-source tech and has built a community around multiple programming languages; to add, the company culture and extreme transparency also makes working at GoDaddy a fun and friendly environment.

I recently became a dad and love that I get to spend time at home.

What drew you to GoDaddy?

GoDaddy always stood out to me as a key player in Domain names (which is obvious) but also watching the company grow and experiencing it from the inside it’s clear, it has become so much more than that. It has enabled so many entrepreneurs to grow their own business and be self-sufficient using the product suite the company offers which to me is brilliant. If a company can do that at the pace it has whilst still offering a fun environment for their employees, that somewhere I want to work.

What makes the GoDaddy Engineering Team unique from others that you’ve worked on?

So, speaking directly based on my team. The fact we work cross regions and cultures whilst being fully remote and some of us never meeting in person. The team culture is phenomenal, we have a motto it’s the “Secret sauce” we can perform our business objectives every sprint whilst goofing around and having fun whilst achieving our goals, and sometimes that can be hard for teams to mature that fast.

Although we are remote, we make time to have team bonding and celebrate each other’s success in and out of the workplace.

Tell us about your new favourite role.

I’ve recently become a dad and being a new dad definitely has its challenges, but I’m one of the lucky ones so far as my son is a fantastic sleeper and happy chap. One of the huge benefits of working remotely with GoDaddy means I don’t miss out on the little moments with my son which I’m forever grateful for.

How have you and the team stayed successful and collaborated whilst working remotely?

The easiest way to make sure collaboration is seamless is to ensure everyone is on the same page. So given the team is remote and across time zones handovers are key, documentation is extremely important combined with the obvious one good communication. Therefore, the level of transparency across teams really helps with this.

In terms of working with one and other break-out rooms, a lot of design meetings are placed appropriately in time zone calendars to ensure the right people are in the “room” to offer professional insights. The whole team doesn’t necessarily need to be there but again everyone is invited. From a high level, these are the most important parts of our team’s success.

If you had to tell future teammates one thing, what it would be?

Be yourself at GoDaddy coming to work and being yourself is the most important thing ever. Hit the ground running be opinionated, you’re here for that reason to share your professional insight and most importantly have fun!

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