Meet the Teammate: Sebastian Rosca, Care Supervisor

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Katelyn Armas

My name’s Sebastian, and I am a Care Supervisor based in Romania. I would like to think that I am a very funny person with a positive attitude and somewhat charismatic. I had not necessarily heard of GoDaddy before, but I joined the company to learn new things and improve my technical knowledge. Little did I know, that I would jump-start my career with the company. With time and challenging work, I have managed to take on a few opportunities. This company offers a lot more than just professional opportunities for growth. I have gotten the chance to meet great people and every day is like a new adventure; the possibilities are endless and I am quite happy overall.

How would you describe GoDaddy’s culture to others considering opportunities at GoDaddy?

I don’t think I can describe GoDaddy’s culture in one word, but something I got from here which is 100% true is: “Bring your true self. We’ll help you shine”. I have found that bringing my authentic self to work and accepting new challenges when they present themselves has made me better at what I do and overall a better person.

What benefits do you enjoy most working at GoDaddy?

There are a lot of benefits to working at GoDaddy: an opportunity to work from home and to be near my family. I have gotten to enjoy time with my family. Financially, it allows me to lead a decent life. I can embrace new and fun things. The most important part is that at GoDaddy I have managed to find a community that I belong to and am proud of. It is nice to think that I found my place professionally.

I recommend GoDaddy in Romania, we are one big family that is always close to you providing support when necessary and always ready to go the extra mile.

Tell us something about yourself or something that you enjoy outside of work.

Our country is exceptionally beautiful, and even if you live in the city, you can find a small patch of nature that fills your heart with sunshine that you are able to explore. I love the outdoors and I find it deeply rejuvenating to be able to spend time with nature.

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