Steps to get an 800 number for your small business

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Jennifer Lin

Toll-free numbers have long been recognized as a valuable tool for businesses to enhance their customer service and establish a professional image. And while toll-free numbers were initially embraced by large corporations, small businesses can level the playing field with their larger counterparts using an 800 number. Interested in getting an 800 number for your business? Read on for more.

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What are 800 numbers?

Toll-free 800 numbers have been in use since 1966. Thirty years later, because so many businesses were using 800 numbers as both their primary phone lines and their support lines, more toll-free prefixes were added to meet the growing demand. Now, in addition to 800 numbers, you can also use 866 numbers, 844 numbers, 888 numbers, and 833 numbers as toll-free business lines.

While the 800 prefix is widely recognized as a business number, the other toll-free variants work the same and provide the same benefits.

Who needs an 800 number?

If your business serves customers outside of your local area or you have aspirations of expanding into new areas, consider using an 800 number to help boost the credibility of your business and increase engagement with clients in new markets.

When it comes to building a credible image, the larger and more established you can make your business look, the better.

One of the great advantages of using an 800 number is that it implies a national presence. Rather than attaching your company and brand to a particular area code whenever you call a customer, using an 800 number will project an image of a company capable of serving customers all over the country.

Toll-free 800 numbers also help improve your customer engagement. Because these numbers are so widely recognized as belonging to businesses, calls coming from them are less likely to be ignored than those coming from an unrecognized area code.

Toll-free number variants

800 numbers are not the only toll-free phone numbers that can help give your company a national brand image and increase customer engagement. Other toll-free prefixes include 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888.

Although they all function the same, the 800 prefix has a slight advantage over the others because it has been in use for 30 years longer than the others. Luckily, 800 numbers are still available for use, and the other toll-free prefixes will become increasingly recognized as business numbers as time goes on.

How to get an 800 number for your smartphone

You can get your own 800 number through the GoDaddy Conversations app (or opt for another toll-free variant).

  1. Set up your free Conversations trial by clicking the “Start for Free” button here.
  2. Download the Conversations app.
    • The Conversations app is compatible with both iOS and Android, so no matter which you have, you will be able to manage your 800 number directly from your personal phone.
    • You will still be able to make and receive calls from your personal number as well.
  3. Choose your desired business phone number.
  4. Start using your 800 number to engage clients.
    • In addition to having a selection of 800 numbers, you can also opt to get an 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, or 888 number.
    • With a Conversations 800 number, you will be able to make and receive calls and also send and receive texts.

A step toward growth

Although it may seem like a small decision, getting an 800 number can make a huge difference to your business. Engaging with more customers and establishing credibility with customers across different geographies will help you achieve the growth goals you have for your business. Using an 800 number through GoDaddy Conversations can help you do just that.

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