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Our 10 favorite tweets from WordCamp Atlanta 2017

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Aaron Campbell

WordCamp Atlanta 2017 was an amazing three-day WordPress event in downtown Atlanta. It brought together more than 600 attendees and more than 50 speakers shared their knowledge and expertise in nearly as many sessions. While there was a lot to learn, here’s a list of some of our favorite statements and experiences overheard at WordCamp Atlanta. Enjoy the list and follow these great people. They’re awesome!

#WCATL on Twitter: Our top 10 from WordCamp Atlanta 2017

No. 1

I always love to see CART services at WordCamps, and I've worked with this group at several of them. They're absolutely amazing! If you ever have a chance, ask them about what they do and how. The full team for WordCamp Atlanta was @asignia, @smiley845, @whitecoatcapxg and @stanographer.

No. 2

Bridget Willard talks openly about the things that affect so many of us.

No. 3

The kids camp was amazing. Giving kids a chance to experience tech early on and helping them understand it is fantastic. When @sunsanddesign brought the group through sponsor alley, everyone had a blast!

No. 4

Every manual step in your dev process increases the risk of failure. #wcatl @jlengstorf pic.twitter.com/7d50FiUsVK

— guitarzan (@guitarzan) March 19, 2017

Jason teaching developers how to decrease failures by increasing automation.

No. 5

This guy learned way more from Star Wars than I ever did. What better way to learn about design and building your brand than from one of the greatest franchises of all time!

WordCamp Atlanta 2017 Star WarsNo. 6

Imposter syndrome is something many of us face on a regular basis. Carl tries to help people by using teaching as a tool to learn in an effort to combat that feeling.

No. 7

Choosing a good host can be a challenge. In this panel, we got a unique chance to look into three popular hosts at once.

No. 8

Learning about security. You can never know enough! @aaroncampbell #WCATL pic.twitter.com/CIdGAJ1h8g

— Kim (@wh_travelwell) March 19, 2017

This die-hard crowd stayed til the very end to learn how to keep themselves secure online.

No. 9

Micah Wood helped us understand that while we might all learn differently, most of us follow the same, basic, roller-coaster path through confidence and competence.

No. 10

Mickey Mellen and Jenny Munn tackled SEO in a double session containing everything from keywords to how SEO has changed in the last seven years.