Passion & Purpose: Learn a Little from our Software Dev Team in Romania and what it takes to Join!

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Katelyn Armas

The Software Development Team in Romania is made up of a diverse group who are passionate about creating solutions for our entrepreneurs. We sat down with them, to get an understanding of how their team operates & what it takes to find success with their work. Come meet the crew!

What led you all to join GoDaddy?

Iulian Tabara: I decided to join hosting and domains industry almost 15 years ago, after 5 years of software development for financial/bank/aviation industry. Over the time I enjoyed working with different tech stacks, architecting and building products and platforms for our European customers. In 2016, GoDaddy acquired HEG and expands its international business in Europe. It was a huge opportunity to work closely with top talent across the world, continuously learn and share experiences.

Vasile Alexandru Enescu: The best words to describe myself would be “adapt” and “embrace challenge”. I joined GoDaddy because here I have the opportunity to work on complex projects, with the latest technologies.

Irina Hosliag: I joined GoDaddy three and a half years ago as a Product Data Analyst. Although I graduated from an accounting profile and continued to study in that direction, I started my career as a Data Analyst during my master studies, and I very quickly found myself enjoying everything about this new field I entered in. When I joined GoDaddy, I was looking for a team full of data enthusiasts from which I can learn more, expand my data knowledge and that’s exactly what I found here.

Robert Chiu: I’m the type of person that enjoys new challenges. I love having the possibility to keep on learning, keep on growing and work with as many technologies as possible. I believed this is what I would find at GoDaddy and I couldn’t have been more right.

Tell us more about your team, and why job seekers should join you all!

Dan Nemes: The team that I am part of is made of experts. When I decided to join GoDaddy I took the decision entirely based on the people that I will be working with. I met some of the colleagues during the interview process and I really liked them. They are professionals and it’s nice working with them.

Iulian Tabara: I have the privilege to interact with some of the smartest and kindest people in the industry. Every day it’s an opportunity to discover something new and progress in my career. GoDaddy values, specially “Human’s First” is creating the space where people can evolve and become successful. We’re welcoming people who are looking for new challenges, want to join an amazing community and enjoy interaction with people driven by passion.

Samuel-Cornel Tiprigan: I work with a group of serious and passionate people. We approach different problems from various angles, always considering how the business will benefit from the solution we propose. I would describe our team as dynamic, with members who have expertise in various areas of work, which makes us a good team. Our goal is to find smart solutions for resolving different problems.

Stefan Rosca: I would describe my team as being united through diversity. If you seek wonderful people that deliver wonderful solutions your place is here.

Lucian Radu: My current team is working on building and maintaining a microservices platform which aggregates financial data from all our GoDaddy EMEA brands and provides them into an unified manner for US stakeholders. The main key points which make our project to stand out are the great and supportive colleagues inside our team along with the latest technologies we use within development process of our backend applications: Java 11, SpringBoot, Openshift, Kubernetes, Kafka, Kinesis, Amazon Web Services or GraphQL.

What real-life problems does your team solve?

Alexandru Aga: Our team has an important role in the financial reports that are used on Wall Street for recomm brands. Also, we help the legal department in seeking potential threats in our customer base. Not less important is the fact that we are expanding our area of interest and we are working along with US developers in various projects that impacts the whole organization.

Irina Hosliag: Our team is working on data consolidation and integration. Our main goal is to deliver trustworthy, real-time data to our stakeholders to support different applications, reporting financial data to Wall Street, and decision-making process. Whilst doing that, our team must also ensure platform stability, scalability when needed and we work with some of the latest technology in the market.

Elena Bumbu: Our goal as a team is to gain greater insight into our stakeholders needs and then react to those needs in real time. We want to help them to make sense of their data at unified level, from product team to Customers and resellers. We are focused on how our technology and data architecture can enable a unified view of to all the transactional data to empower our professionals to better serve our clients.

What does it take to succeed on your team?

Constantin Popa: Have simplicity and reusability in mind when designing and building solutions, that should require little to no maintenance. Always keep an eye on technology advances and be amongst the first to try, adopt and share with colleagues.

Alexandru Aga: I think that being open is important in my team and to be willing to learn new things because we’re constantly dealing with new technologies, new people, and new projects. Of course, you have to seek for results, but an important note here is that we are demanding quality over quantity which means that it’s a great place to learn good practices in application development.

Robert Chiu: Determination. Anything can be learned. You just have to want it!

Lucian Radu: GoDaddy advocates for a growth mindset, supporting our engineering community by offering great learning resources (e.g. technical books reimbursement, access to A Cloud Guru and Pluralsight platforms) in order to encourage innovation and usage of latest technologies. Beside technical aspect, some other points which help our teams to perform are the mutual trust, respect and collaboration, everyone being helpful or listening to each other opinions.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Alexandru Tanaselea: I’m enjoying watching Formula 1 races, reading best books only and spending time with friends and colleagues.

Iulian Tabara: I love spending time my family and our friends, we stay very active and enjoy outdoor activities like camping and hiking. We’re looking to resume our travel during summer and explore new countries. We find that it allows us to disconnect and recharge from everyday life, while growing and discovering new people.

Stefan Rosca: I enjoy Building computers, home automations, driving the car on mountain roads, watching sport car reviews and after collecting all the emotions. For me, the most important hobby is sharing them with my friends until the BBQ is done backing.

Samuel-Cornel Tiprigan: I love the outdoor activities generally, but I also like the indoor activities like reading, watching documentaries, music, playing PS games. In the winter, I love skiing and in the summer hiking, and swimming. I would say that I am a mountain person!

Vasile Alexandru Enescu: I am a fishing enthusiast and enjoy hiking. I also love going to metal concerts and making new friends. In winter, I enjoy skiing and reading books.

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