The 5–9 Series: Kara Federow

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Katelyn Armas

This blog series will dive into our employee’s ‘5–9’, where we will be showcasing our employees outside of their 9–5, and deep dive into how GoDaddy’s flexible, human-first approach allows us to focus on what makes us thrive; whether that be a hobby, a side-hustle, or the simplest of things to recharge our batteries.

In today’s series, meet Kara Federow. Kara is based remotely in Iowa and works in Website Security Support.

What does work-life balance mean for you?

Work-life balance means that I get to spend time doing the things I love. This includes spending time with my son and friends, travelling, reading, cooking, and working out, all whilst also being able to work, and it is acceptable to do both.

How does GoDaddy help with this?

GoDaddy insists that we take our time off. There’s a supportive environment that is based around the idea that if you’re not taking time off, you need to. You need to rest, you need to relax, and you need to not be at your desk every day.

How do you wind down after work?

To unwind after work, I read my book, get some housework done, and then take a walk to get my kiddo from school.

What’s one thing you do to recharge your batteries?

To recharge, I like to spend time with my favorite people! There’s nothing like being around people that love and support you.

What does a perfect evening or ‘5–9’ look like for you?

A typical 5–9 involves walking to get my kiddo from school, having dinner with him and my roommate, getting him to bed at a reasonable time, and then spending time with my roommate, who is also one of my best friends!

Who is Kara outside of being a Supervisor — Are there any hobbies/interests/side hustles you pursue outside of work?

At some point in my life, I took up drawing mandalas. I love to do that for some relaxation. Additionally, I enjoy reading and trying out new recipes!

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